December 3, 2001

My Cover is Done Blown?

Mark invited his best friend to sleep over yesterday.

I've known Richard since he was one and Mark was two - he's part of my second extended family, centered around one of my close local friends and her sisters.
He's a really sweet kid, who seems equally comfortable talking to adults of his parents' generation as his own.

Mark: Oh and Mom, can you sleep with Daddy tonight so we can have the basement?

This kid is twenty, he really should know better. Or maybe he does.

Me: (after incredulous pause) Noooooooooo????

Mark: (whining) But I don't want Richard to know you're separated.

Me: I told his mother already.
(She had said she would leave it to Mark to tell Richard.)

Mark: Ma! I don't want my friends to know, it's embarrassing.


So we compromised; I would take Mark's room and let the kids have the larger basement.

A short while later, Richard walked in and immediately announced that he had seen my "website".

Me: (thinking: Duh?) ....My? Website?
Richard: Yeah, Mark told me about it.
Mark: I did? I don't remember that.
Me: How did you find it?
Richard: I typed in "Pauline Brock" into Google.

Brock is my maiden name which I don't use much in daily life, and I wasn't aware he even knew it!

Me: (pleasantly) WHY were you searching for me? Don't you have anything better to do?
Richard: Mark told me about your website and I wanted to see it, don't worry, I only spent about thirty seconds there.
Mark: I did?
Me: No, it's ok, it's out there for everybody.

So much for keeping secrets; still, I wasn't sure how much he had read.
And that was that... until this afternoon.
Rob and I went shopping and when we returned I checked my stats, as I routinely do when connecting to the internet.
There was a hit from my own provider with 24 page views, during the time we were out.

I couldn't tell which pages were viewed so I looked Mark in the eyes.

He looked back, meaningfully.

Mark: Mom.... What's going on.......

(pause while my life flashes before my eyes....)

....... with your breast?

Me: (thinking: Duh?) ...That was in June!
Mark: Tell me the truth! Are you sick?
Me: It was just an infection, really, I took antibiotics, it's gone, wanna see?
(Yeah I know, he ignored that though.)
Mark: (Rolling eyes)
Me: What were you doing in last summer's section?
Mark: We were reading about our birthdays and Rob's prom.


He even seemed apologetic, so I supposed that I needn't be.

Finally, I happened to track Richard, online from his home (I know his ISP) surfing around my archives and picking out some entries, later this afternoon. That added up to over thirty page views.

I'm not sure what to make of it, if anything. It just feels a bit strange when online and offline worlds overlap, not to mention generational worlds.

Linque Du Jour:   Autumn Leaves

New 'burb, even newer to me as I just joined.

It's maintained by the venerable "Old Grey Poet" John Bailey and described as follows:

Autumn Leaves:
Recording the golden years
Growing Older Disgracefully

I don't know about "golden".. yet.. but disgraceful, well if I'm not, I aspire to be so that should count for something.

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