October 6, 2001


Thanks to Sasha's weblog for the inspiration; check it out - she has a new toy where you can post comments to her weblog entries.

Surveys: these little quizlets abound in the journal world; except for one time almost two years ago, I have generally resisted their allure.

However, since I have too much free time (apparently) some issues have been pressing on my mind and I thought they'd lend themselves well to a survey of my readers' habits.

I will link to any responses in other journals; if you don't have a journal I'll collect email or forum responses and post them (along with my own) in a future entry.

If there are NO responses we will not speak of this again.

So without further ado: I present the Computer Survey:

(If you have more than one computer, please answer separately for each.)

  1. Desktop Wallpaper: What image and/or colour?
  2. Screen Saver: Describe, and if possible specify where you got it from.
  3. Colour scheme: default or otherwise?
  4. Sound scheme: what are your start-up and shut down wavs and any other distinctive sound prompts?
  5. Does all or some of the above come from a pre-set theme? If so, which?
  6. How many icons on your desktop?
  7. How many items in your recycle bin and what's the oldest "date deleted"?
  8. When was the last time your virus definitions were updated?

I'm hoping that the answers to these questions will reveal much about the respondent, similar to the CONTENTS OF YOUR PURSE or WHAT'S ON YOUR REFRIGERATOR questions.

Now for a response to a response:

Re last entry's Linque du Jour, 101 Testicle Recipes & Fun Facts:

(I just realized that the title of the entry, "Brief Update", could be construed as a pun for this. I'm funny without even knowing it!)

Anyway. It seems some people take themselves and their equipment WAYYYYYY too seriously.

The aforementioned author claims that the TESTICLE RECIPE site has him "cringing in his briefs".

And I'm sure he's not alone. From my vast experience with men including raising two of them, I have become aware that they guard their jewels as if pirates were out to steal them.

When my son Rob found out what a vasectomy was, when I was trying unsuccessfully to convince his father to get one rather than have me go through GENERAL ANESTHESIA to have my tubes tied which I eventually did which did work out for the best anyway with regard to certain aspects of my freedom, Rob walked around doubled over for the next six weeks. He was only about eight at the time, but he knew.

And men think that these body parts are as delicate as.. well, eggshells.
Think about it, guys.
This is an organ that doesn't even WANT to be in your body.
This is an organ which, if it does somehow get stuck up there, causes a surgeon to perform an operation to allow it to all hang out.
This is an organ which needs to be "cool" in the literal sense of the word.

Now don't think I'm not sympathetic; after all I have breasts.

But let's compare notes.

While men shudder at the thought of having the "cough" test performed at their annual checkup, what do we women go through?

That's right, a mammogram.

Last year I posted the mammogram preparation instructions that the hospital provided.
(Seriously, this was posted on the wall and I begged them for a copy!)

Now extrapolate that to your organs, guys!

And this isn't the only indignity that our breasts are subjected to.

For instance, men: when was the last time a woman asked you to scan your genitals?

I can only speak for myself of course, but I don't really WANT a photo of a disembodied penis and/or testicle.
This doesn't turn me on.
What turns me on (or off) is the man behind it.

A guy can look at a photo of a breast and not even think about who owns it.
That doesn't mean men are animals, necessarily; it means men separate sex and affection more than women do, so don't get your feathers excessively ruffled, guys!

We feed and comfort our babies with our breasts, even once said babies have sprouted TEETH!

We dress them up in lace and push them up with underwires.
As if they weren't alluring enough on their own.

Some people even pierce them, but that's just wrong.

Our breasts are OUT THERE, living life to the fullest, come what may.
We don't keep them safely tucked away in our pants; we celebrate them.

As for recipes.. well I rest my case right there. No woman cringes (much, or for long) while cooking (or preferably, ordering) chicken breast.

Men.. get over it!

Linque Du Jour:   Montana's Original Testicle Festival! :

Yes people attend this annual "Testy-Festy" as it's called. Not only female people, but anatomically male people too, according to the rather graphic photos on that site.

This is how they describe themselves:

What is...
Montana's Original Testicle Festival?

Montana's Original Testicle Festival is a gathering of people who love to eat food, frolic in the mountains and just plain have fun! A "Rocky Mountain Oyster" is the testicle of a bull. We serve them beer battered and deep fried. And they taste AWESOME!!

Well anything beer-battered and deep fried has to taste awesome but you get the idea...

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