September 9, 2001


Sunday afternoon, 1 PM.
Sitting in the kitchen.
Washing machine humming around the corner behind me.
Hubby driving Rob and friends to band practice.
Mark downstairs cussing at the computer while attempting to do a night school assignment.

Mark told me his life's plan the other day:
Stay at his telemarketing job for awhile until Rob has established himself in business.
Work for Rob.
Retire at 50.

I think I should be worried. The only reason I'm not is because I know life will happen. Sooner or later.

Still the child is strange. He's lived in deepest suburbia all his life.
( Laval is a "city", in fact with a population of 350,000 it's the second largest city in Quebec after Montreal (and really is part of the Montreal area) but it as yet has no "downtown". It has industrial parks, shopping areas including the largest mall in or near Montreal (240 shops), high rise apartments and various types of residential areas but nothing that could be considered a city center. Montreal is our city.)

Now that Mark has been working downtown for over two years, one would think he'd get a taste for a more stimulating lifestyle, but no... his ambition is to live quietly in a suburb or even the country.

I think if we let him he'd live here forever. Actually we will probably just move out from under him, one way or another.
Unless of course, life happens first.
He's not seeing the girlfriend anymore and nobody has taken her place - yet.
He seems content.

Rob is taking to college better than I'd dared hope. I think allowing him to take Psychology was a mistake though.. after only three weeks of school he begins every other sentence with "My psychology teacher (or book) says..." which causes my eyes to roll straight up through into my forehead.

He also enjoys Marketing, which is a type of psychology, really. I think he wants to play mind games with the public when he grows up and make a pile of money doing it.

He's bored in Calculus class (!) which he attributes to the fact that he had an excellent math teacher for the last two years in high school. All his classmates had to have passed the same courses but he says most of them are lost even in review. I asked Rob if he was the only one that's bored; he said, "well me and a few Asian kids".

And of course I'm following the U.S. Open tennis tournament. I watch sports for the human drama aspect; I guess we take our moral lessons where we can find them.

It looks like I'm not the only one who does that:
This article which appeared in our sports section on Thursday, is a perfect example of what happens when you allow women to write for the sports pages:
Sampras and Agassi, analyzed (in part) according to the women in their life.

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