August 28, 2001

Odds & Ends

It's the end of August, which can mean only one thing:

It's time to crank up the bowling league!

Last week the four of us who do these things got together and formed the teams.
The treasurer is one of those very organized, efficient people.
I told her to NOT get her papers in order immediately after the meeting. Invariably after we make up the teams someone calls to quit and we have to do it over.

That happened yesterday - the phone call, that is.
I wonder if there's any way to skip the first meeting and go straight to the second...
Luckily I hadn't done any of my preliminary work yet. I'm so smart...
For more on the process, see last year's entry.

In other news:

Rob's band has recorded a "demo" of three songs.
It took them two or three months. This is some kind of major project.
They are being mentored by Rob's guitar teacher and his friends. Said guitar teacher is only a few years older and has his own band which is beginning to attract a following.

He helps them write their songs.
He arranged for studio time for recording.
He's having it mixed, mastered, and whatever else is done with it.
We've had to pay some expenses but certainly nothing excessive.

Yesterday he came home with the demo.
I can't put it online yet because it's not copyrighted - that's in the works.
It's in a different league from the stuff they were doing a year ago. (Which, frankly, sucked.)
To me they sound a bit like Blink 182. They have that kind of teenage punk sensibility.

Being good is no guarantee of success but it is amazing to see what my son and his friends (whom I've been driving around since they were practically in diapers) can achieve.

Yesterday after school they went into Montreal to pick up the demo and work on some new songs.
Today they're back again (at someone's home who has recording equipment), "practicing".
Mark isn't home yet either - he started night classes this week.
It's 7:30 PM but at least I know where my kids are.
(Or I think I do...)

Off-line highlight of the day:

I'm grocery shopping for pasta, which is on sale. My kids haven't outgrown the noodles phase and it looks like they never will! Only now they eat it by the bushel.

So I arrive at the cash with eleven two-pound bags of macaroni. (Why eleven? That was all I could carry without dropping them.)

The cashier (a young woman) smiles and comments about it being on sale.

Since my wallet is open, I show her the graduation photos of my kids to let her know who the pasta is for.
She nods, knowingly. She tells me she has a three year old and a one year old and asks my kids' ages. Seventeen and twenty, I tell her.

She says, "you don't look old enough to have such big kids!"

That's the second time this year a cashier has told me that, so it MUST be true!

She went on to say that I look like I'm in my twenties. Now that is a stretch for sure but it did wonders for the ego and put a great spin on the rest of my day.

I must be in a good mood.. I was just civil to a telemarketer!
I better watch it or I'll have to turn in my hard-earned girl scout bitchiness badge.

Linque Du Jour:   abandoned places

This website caught my interest mostly because of how much it reminded me of Rien.

It's compiled by a Belgian commercial airline pilot (of all things!)
Photos and commentary about abandoned buildings and institutions; designs of "impossible projects".
The philosophy is explained as follows:

Old buildings, abandoned hospitals, industrial palaces overgrown with plants and trees, the remaining walls decorated with graffiti, smashed windows, rain dripping through the roof...
These places have become hard to find, difficult (or illegal) to access, dangerous to explore ... great to spend the day !

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