July 30, 2001

Topics, Please

Topics.. I need some topics.

I sometimes make notes of entry ideas but when I go back to them I've lost interest.

I need some collab projects - all the ones I used to participate in have gone belly-up. I think that's probably a coincidence.

Only not tonight.. I don't want to think too hard tonight.

Some meta stuff:

Earlier today on the journals list, somewhere in the discussion someone mentioned that a 'burb* for menopause would be a good idea.

Since it's long been my life's plan to host a 'burb, I volunteered.

No really, sometimes I have trouble not volunteering. I have to sit on my hands at meetings and have a close friend kick me often or cover my mouth with duct tape.
And even then it usually doesn't work.

But hosting a 'burb is no sweat.. the prospective members send me their addresses, I pop them up on a web page, and voila.

It's gone in to the procrastination-lite file; which means I'll do it tonight but not quite yet.
(Update 1 AM.. tomorrow...)

First I have to set out the mission statement of the 'burb. Let's see.

Always helps to start with a definition:

According to dictionary.com:

menopause n : the time in a woman's life in which the menstrual cycle ends [syn: climacteric, change of life]

Change of life - my mother used to call it that. Of course she also used to say she was "unwell" when she was menstruating. I don't think I've heard that term in over thirty years.

A natural function of a woman's body shouldn't be considered anything less than "well". That includes periods, pregnancy, and menopause. Society's judgements can be so insidious.

Climacteric - I've heard the word before; it always reminds me of some weird combination of weather reports and orgasms:

A period of life characterized by physiological and psychic change that marks the end of the reproductive capacity of women and terminates with the completion of menopause. A corresponding period sometimes occurring in men that may be marked by a reduction in sexual activity, although fertility is retained.

That should do it.

Hot Flashes: Journals written by and/or concerning climacteric lives.

Getting back to the dearth of topics problem:

How about some help, please?

No guarantees that I'll use any suggestions but I'll try.

*'burb, short for suburb:
A list of journals distinguished by a certain characteristic, such as geographical location, age, or anything else imaginable.

Linque Du Jour:   The BraBall

Did these things exist before the internet?
If so, where?

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