July 17, 2001

Two Days in One

Monday July 16:

There I am, minding my own business, channel surfing (which is what I do when I take a break from web surfing) when all of a sudden something sounds familiar. It's CNN's space reporter, Miles O'Brien, broadcasting by videophone... from Mars.

AKA Northern Canada.

CNN gets their story ideas from me now?

Just to set the record straight.. I found that project (Sunday's Linque du Jour) by following a link from the NASA site. Nothing to do with CNN. I don't even think that they had anything about this online before today.

However, with my broad reader base (see guestmap) I theorize the events unfolded as follows:

The CNN researcher assigned to Canadian online journals was doing her nightly surf through my site.
She saw the Linque.
The rest is history.

Poor Miles must have been on that plane before he knew what hit him.

One day sunny Cape Canaveral, the next, Devon Island. Also sunny. Well, maybe cloudy. But light - constantly.

On TV Miles was wearing a heavy jacket but no hat. The camera showed puddles (of water, not ice) so I would say the temperature must have been in the high 30s F (3 or 4 C). Real Canadians walk around like that as long as it's above zero (F). But that's beside the point.

There's a story about the trip, and preparation for the trip, on the CNN website.
They called Nunavut (where the remote island is) a Canadian Province.
It's not - it's a Territory.

We remain grossly misunderstood.

Tuesday July 17:

I'm reminded of a bumper sticker I once had:

"I'm dressed and out of the house, what more do you want?"

That was me (or is it I?) this morning at 8:45 AM.
Apologies to those whose work days are half over by that hour; I'm just not used to being vertical, or even conscious, before at least 9:00.

Rob had to be at. the. music. store. for its 9AM opening.
To buy new strings for his bass.
Because he had to redo part of the tracking of three songs he recorded on Sunday.
Because they didn't have a proper tuner until they began the third song.
And when the guitarist recorded his portion yesterday, the bass "wasn't right".
This still doesn't explain the need for new strings, in my mind.

Rob: Because you have to record with new strings.
Me: Why?
Rob: Because it's not good otherwise.
Me: Why? What happens?
Rob: MOM, it's like asking why is that shirt red.. it just IS.

So be it.

Came home, checked my mail while he restrung the bass.

Left again around 10 AM for the other band's drummer's house, to pick up the GOOD tuner. That house is about twenty minutes west of here in a somewhat more affluent area.
The other band's drummer is no starving artist. The house is a sprawling bungalow on a small island in the St. Lawrence River, complete with Volvo in the driveway.
Angst just isn't angst in a setting like that.
Rob emerged with an armful of electronic equipment which looked mostly like a big clump of wires. It went directly into my trunk.

On to the home of the other band's guitarist's friend, who had the recording equipment. This is over a half hour southeast of home, so almost an hour's drive from the drummer's.
I had me a captive audience for my car radio sing along and for doling out tidbits of motherly wisdom.

The destination this time was more stereotypical: an older (and poorer) area of Montreal on the eastern slopes of the mountain, close but not close enough to the recently yuppified old areas.
Much better for artistic atmosphere.

And speaking of bumper stickers... (yes I was, scroll back up)..
spotted this one today:


On a Mazda.

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