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Survivor Journals:   Year I

Round 6     by Paulineee

The challenge assignment for round 6:

Good Morning. You're Dead. People gather around and they all say, "I'll always remember ________, because of the way they used to...."

What's said about you when you're gone? How are you remembered?

First of all I have to say, I really really REALLY hate this topic.

There are so many things to concern ourselves with in life, that being dead should be way down on the list. Being dead will take care of itself, and we'll have an eternity there - but we have only a short time here. It seems rather a waste to spend very much of it thinking about death.

I suppose this topic is a valid literary device or subject for a journal entry if that's what the author is thinking about, but I object strenuously to having it rammed down my throat as part of a collab.

I know I could decline to write; I considered it. I chose rather to vent about the topic and somewhere in here, briefly respond to it .

I find that when I'm thinking about death with any frequency, that it's a sign of depression. The thoughts might not be suicidal (I never have been suicidal!) but more of a preoccupation with the idea. It concerns me that Chuck/Bob chose this topic, in view of his own sporadic web presence lately. Is it a cry for help or am I overdramatizing, as I'm inclined to do? I'd rather err on the side of caution with this one.

Bob, Chuck, or whoever you are, I'm going to be dissecting your entry idea by idea, and if I don't like what I sense between the lines, you are going to be nagged to death (thereby fulfilling your evil fantasy).

The other topic suggested by Chuck on the Survivor Journals home page (recently rewritten, it's a hoot, go look..) would have been much better in my opinion. "Does size matter?" Now that's a topic I can sink my teeth into.

Hmm well you know what I mean.

Of COURSE size matters. Just ask a tall person who's ever tried to drive a compact car. Size matters in fashion too. It's a well known fact that better-quality labels size their clothing more generously. Saving money involves taking a hit in the ego, it seems.

And just try wearing the wrong size shoes for a couple of days..
Or painting with the wrong size roller..
Or using a too-small font on your website..
Or leaving your ring on when your fingers are swollen..
Or using someone else's bowling ball..
Or wearing the same size bra as before you had the baby..

And just in case that's not what Chuck was looking for, I can cite this news report from last month; I had to look around a bit to find it again online but I figured it'd be worth the effort.

So it seems, width is more crucial than length; still, width is part of "size".

But I digress.

So where were we.. oh yes, I was dead.

What's said about you when you're gone? How are you remembered?

Frankly, I don't give a damn.


I won't be here. I really don't care.

I don't care how people remember me.. but I DO care about my effect on the world. I care that my children grow up to be self-assured, well-adjusted men, who can achieve as much of their potential as they desire. If they happen to hate my guts in the process, that wouldn't be too high a price to pay. (Fortunately they don't... yet!)

I care about any influence I have upon my friends and my communities - not in the sense that I'll be consciously remembered, but in the sense that anything I did made things better for someone in any way, no matter how small.

And conversely, I care about any pain or damage that I've caused. (Not so much if they had it coming, though.)

So there, I addressed the topic. With all the good grace I could possibly muster.

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