June 30, 2001

Pot Pourri II

First, a note re the last entry's Linque du Jour, Break the Chain:

The site was down for a couple of days (bad timing? coincidence? a conspiracy?) but it's back now so all seems well.

I saw this item (a similar version thereof) in our paper yesterday.
It's causing me a crisis of conscience.

A cloning scientist has been commissioned to develop a "transgenic" cat which won't cause allergic reactions in humans, by a company which plans to sell clones of these cats as pets.

It has something to do with removing a protein that cats secrete through their skin.

Of course I think this is perverted, sick, evil and wrong. Not to mention dangerous in a precedent-setting sort of way.

But I sure would like to be able to cohabit with cats.

Tomorrow is Canada Day. Again.
Happens every year.
And every year the newspapers trot out the same discouraging statistics concerning how many random Canadians fail a simple Canadian history quiz.
In comparison, of course, to the failure rate of Americans when asked similar questions about their country.

I could have told them that.

Canadian history is perceived as boring.
I'm not sure whether it is, never having paid much attention in history class and finding myself glazing over at the mere mention of anything having to do with our history.
It's surely less colourful and violent than American history, although we've had our moments.

I don't know how it is now, but growing up as a kid I was bombarded with American history from TV and children's books; I knew about George Washington and the cherry tree but not about Sir John A.; for that matter, I read many British books and magazines but didn't pick up much British history from them. I'm still not sure who the first Prime Minister of England was!

The point?
The US media and culture does a good job of instilling patriotism pretty much from birth.
Whether this is a good or a bad thing depends on whether you want it to be so and whether you agree with the version of history as presented.

For more on Canada Day please see last year's entry. (You can't improve upon perfection so why even bother to try... and some of the links still actually work!)

In case anyone was worried:

Canada Declared Safe From Flesh-Eating Bananas

Another installment of

Search Me

I suspect I'm the only one who gets a kick out of the search engine terms that bring people to my site, but I'm easily amused... so here are a few of the recent good ones:

moose antlers
not the whole moose, just the antlers...

quebec christmas carols
in June??

tight afl shorts
tight footy shorts
tight short shorts
--all for my Australian Rules Football entry; must be that time of year again.

naked pictures of senior citizens
No I did NOT write about that.. but all of those words appeared somewhere in the entry.

And the one I found the most amusing (that probably says more about myself than I ought to reveal) was the search coming from "undead.org"
(which doesn't have a website per se but the IP number resolved back to undead.net).

The people at undead.org searched for:


Don't forget about the forum!
Comments, praise, criticism, love notes and impertinent proposals will all be duly considered.

Linque Du Jour: Eye Witness: History through the eyes of those who lived it

This is a lovely site; presented by a publisher of educational CD-ROMs.
Eyewitness accounts of significant events through history, from ancient times (first century AD) on to the present.
(Present being defined as during my lifetime.)

Good for student reference or just plain browsing.

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