June 27, 2001

Pot Pourri

You heard it here first!
The US government isn't done with Linda Tripp!
(And neither am I, quite obviously - she makes such a good target!)

I found this out while checking my stats this afternoon.
I had a "hit" from "usdoj.gov".
Any hit from any official agency (from any country) or even my alma mater tends to make me a bit nervous. The US Dept. of Justice (as I figured this was) makes me VERY nervous.

Not that I have anything to hide, of course. Nothing.
Well there is that matter of the parking ticket in Boston in 1978.. but that belongs to Hubby, not me. There's nothing else.

Anyway. The DOJ got to my site by searching for: linda tripp legal defense fund trustee.

(Seems like Clinton got away with their shift keys too.)

My first* Linda entry was listed number two, right after Linda's own site.

So the DOJ is looking into Linda's legal defense fund.
I did a quick online news search for Linda but there's nothing - yet.
Maybe I should notify Matt Drudge...

(* I happened to mention Ms. Tripp again this past January, here.)

In other news:

I hate it when people try to make a statement by flattering me.

This morning I was pointedly thanked for my "honesty and integrity" by the receptionist of my father's apartment complex, for arranging for the estate to pay some leftover expenses to the building.


Your sister is a bitch.

To make matters worse, the Beast-woman middle manager poked her head out of her office door to tell me how wonderful my father was and how he was always a "gentleman" to her.


So how come your sister is such a bitch?

I don't quite know what happened when Stepmom and the sister in question gave notice that they were vacating the apartment but Stepsis stormed back in that day, directing me to not pay them a penny.
(The law provides for them to get three months rent upon breaking a lease due to death.)
My (step)sister is a woman whose day job is providing counselling to male prison inmates in NJ.
She's not afraid of any bleached-out frowsy Beast-woman.
As I said I don't know what happened but considering the circumstances, someone should have kept their cool and it wasn't going to be Sis.
Last time I was there the manager (who also missed the main event) told me he heard there were "words" and the next thing they knew, the movers had arrived. I told him that was not cause and effect; the move was a given.

In this context, any compliment paid to me is most certainly meant as a slap in the face by comparison. I really resent that.

And furthermore:

A note to all drivers:
If you see me in front of you in the lane to your left, and I'm signalling a lane change rightwards (particularly if there's an exit approaching) that is NOT a signal for you to hurry up and pass me.

While I'm being crotchety:

Why is it that otherwise passably normal people think that if I give them my email address they are required to IMMEDIATELY add it to their forward list for all the dreck that comes their way.

I take particular issue with the ones that don't bother to bcc the list but let the addresses all hang out for the spammers to harvest.

I'm not talking about the friends that send me the odd joke that they think I'd like.
I'm talking about the acquaintances that think every petition and urban legend is gold.
Most of these are people I know in person.
I tried asking one of them (nicely, I thought) to take me off her list; haven't heard a peep from her since.

Some people are touchy.

Therefore, next time I plan to send the offender a note through this website:

Linque Du Jour: Break the Chain

I'll probably still alienate the acquaintance but at least they'll know how obnoxious they're being!

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