June 23, 2001

Prom Night

Saturday morning, 1:30 AM:

Rob is at his high school graduation dance tonight.

By now the dance must be over - the kids must be roaming around loose downtown, trying to get into clubs.

Whoever thought up the idea of hiring limousines for the evening, I thank them. It does give me some peace of mind to imagine that an experienced driver is carting these kids around all night.

The festivities began at 5 PM, at the home of a classmate. About a dozen graduates congregated there with their parents and assorted other relatives, for picture-taking and refreshments. Two limos were waiting - one black and one white.
We peeked inside.. there were plush seats facing each other, a TV, a bar, and a CD player set into the roof!

The boys all wore suits and looked somewhat uncomfortable and fidgety; the girls wore long gowns and looked as if they were born to them.

The kids posed patiently; and posed again and again as more arrived.

Rob is at the extreme right, wearing glasses.

The entire spectacle was amusing.. it looked something like the arrival ceremony at the Academy Awards. Parents were lined up along the sidewalk, each pointing a camera at the poor group of children who were trying to smile and not move.

I mostly stood and watched and marvelled at the young ladies and men that they'd become; I occasionally murmured, "my baby..." but I wasn't by any means the worst (most embarrassing) parent there. One mother (whose daughter has been with Rob since nursery school) was actually crying.

Of course I took photos but they probably won't come out.. and anyway Rob took the camera along. With any luck he'll break it or lose it; then I can't get blamed for the bad shots, and it'll give me an excuse to get a digital camera that much sooner.

I should go to bed - he'll likely be out most of the night.

He has his cell phone - I could call him - but I won't.

To be continued later today...

Sunday afternoon, 2 PM:

He got home around 5 AM, safe and sound (and possibly a little drunk).
The camera survived too.

I fell asleep around 3:30 but slept better after he came in. Of course.

He had a good time.

He said the food at the dance "sucked" so before they went home they ate at McDonald's.
If McDonald's was an improvement, it really must have sucked!

In between, they managed to get into a club and managed to get served. He recommends the cherry boomerang. We both don't like regular beer but we love those flavoured ones. (That's why I don't keep them in the house - he might love them a little too much.)

He came home with wet pants... no, really.
He says he spilled root beer over himself in the limo.
I believe him, I suppose.
Doesn't really matter - if there ever was a night to stretch boundaries, this was it, so far.
Only the dry cleaner will know for sure!

Before he left last night I said something about this being the biggest night of his life. He said it wasn't at all.
I asked him what was bigger, and he replied, "recording in the studio" (a couple of weeks ago, his band recorded the drum section of some new songs in a real studio).
I guess that might be big.

He also made me wake him up at 10 AM today, for band practice at noon. He and the guitarist were up all night but there was no question of cancelling.
I admire (and delight in) their dedication. I hope they take me on tour with them!

So Tuesday* it's off to work for a few weeks, to earn the money for the new bass that he already bought (courtesy of Mom's lending company) and then it's junior college.

My bay-beeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

*Monday is a holiday in Quebec.

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Um, the toaster connects to the internet, finds out your local weather forecast and prints (i.e. burns) it onto your toast.


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