June 21, 2001

Yet More Loose Ends

2 PM:

I'm supposed to be sorting through some paperwork; tidying the house; cleaning the house; exercising on the treadmill; reading a good book; discovering the meaning of life. Instead I'm surfing around online and playing solitaire.
It beats watching TV...

I've come to the conclusion that I'm fortunate, in that I responded (and still do) to the first antidepressant medication I was given.
It's probably a good thing that I didn't know, then, that it might not work.
I don't think it's a placebo effect but if it is, more power to it.

I'm thinking about this today because of what happened in Houston, Texas yesterday - a mother apparently killed her five young children. The story is emerging that she was under treatment for depression, whether post-partum or otherwise.

Her husband spoke to reporters today, and expressed his support for her.

Even if he did that with mixed feelings, it was a significant gesture. Especially for those of us who live with people who are perhaps a tad on the hyper-critical (if not downright anal) side. (But I digress...)

Depression is (I hope) the next big thing in diseases. It kills, as surely as cancer and AIDS. It's a difficult disease to relate to, if you haven't been touched by it. People can imagine what chest pain or a broken bone might feel like; there is little that compares to clinical depression.

Perhaps that's one reason that it's often misunderstood; another might be that it falls under the realm of "mental illness" which is terrifying to contemplate.

What's terrifying for me to contemplate is how it would be if my medication hadn't worked. I don't think I'd have physically harmed anyone (probably not even myself) but I might have withdrawn too far to be able to return.


Turned on the TV this morning to find there was a total solar eclipse going on in Africa.

The sky was clear; the images were wonderful.

Then I got to thinking:
The sun is so many million miles away; the moon is much closer but much smaller.
The moon just happens to fit PERFECTLY over the sun, from our vantage point (earth).

It's also summer solstice, aka the longest day.
It's all downhill from here...

Linques Du Jour:

I was out looking for more cropcams but found these instead:

Moosecam Live



There truly is something for every fetish on the web!

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