June 18, 2001

The Circle of... Crops?

About a month ago, shortly after my father died, my friend Stephanie planted a memorial garden in his honour.

I still can't find the words to express how much that means to me.

Yesterday Stephanie emailed me new photos of the plants, all of which are blooming. I'm posting them with the original photos taken after planting:

These are the bleeding hearts:

Bleeding Hearts - before     Bleeding Hearts - after

The peony:
Peony - before     Peony - after

And the rhododendron:

Rhododendron - before

Rhododendron - after

Even though Stephanie never met my father, she has undertaken not only the planting but the care of these three beautiful plants in his honour.

Daddy would be pleased.

He loved to garden. We had a typical suburban home with a typical back yard; from time to time he planted vegetables and I remember him having to build a chicken-wire cage completely around that patch of land, to keep the squirrels and birds out.

That made weeding a bit more complicated - he had to lift the whole cage out of the way. (It was probably about six foot cubed, perhaps a bit more in length.)

When I was a toddler, I used to "help" - by climbing on his back. Later on I might have weeded a bit but I don't remember doing very much.

In front we had tulips in spring and a selection of annuals in summer; the end of May was the time to buy "flats" of flowers.

We also had three mature maple trees (which we attempted to tap for syrup a couple of times) and two small apple trees, whose fruit was exquisitely sour. (A defence against the abovementioned squirrels and birds? Maybe. We ended up with trees-full of half-nibbled apples!)

There's also the matter of symbolism - planting, blooming, taking root - but I'll leave that (for now) - my brain isn't in symbolism mode today.

Linque Du Jour: Canadian Crop Circle Research Network

Yes more growing things.

This doesn't appear to be an official Government of Canada site, unless they've taken to using geocities to host their pages...

The CCCRN, as they call themselves, claims to be a "non-profit organization which investigates the crop circle phenomenon and possibly related phenomena in Canada..."

What I like about this (besides the weirdness factor) is that the "related phenomena" they refer to are ice circles - not all of which were found in Canada but still...

After all, we invented ice, didn't we?

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