June 16, 2001

Loose Ends (Again)

It's been a quiet week.
I had a couple of appointments concerning my father's estate; that activity should increase since I now (think) I have all the documentation I need to function. (Or most of it.. some government stuff is still on the way.)

I'm doing my best to hibernate, otherwise. That's probably not a good thing for me but I really don't feel like getting out and interacting.

It probably doesn't help that June 12 was the sixth anniversary of my uncle's death; and that father's day is coming up tomorrow.

Hubby plans to celebrate by taking part in a fund-raising activity; he was invited by a friend who's active in community work.

Me: What organization does it benefit?
Hubby: I dunno.
Me: Where is it?
Hubby: Out west of here, I dunno, (friend) is picking me up.
Me: Is it a duckie race? I heard there's one sometime around now.
Hubby: It may be, I dunno.
Me: What are you going to do there?
Hubby: In the morning, there's something about registration; after that, FOOD!

Men are such simple creatures...

I wrote the following on June 14, to commemorate another important anniversary:

June 14, 1986 was the date we moved into our present home.
My sons were 5 and almost 2; now they're 20 and almost 17.
I however feel about the same age as I did then. (I have a great capacity for denial!)

It's the only house we've owned during our marriage; before this we rented an upper duplex, and before that, an apartment. I thought that owning my own home would feel more permanent than renting but after fifteen years it still feels like a way station, albeit a comfortable one.

I've never felt like I was where I was supposed to be for years to come. I'm not saying that's bad - I'm a bit scared of feeling that way. I stagnate enough as it is. Sometimes I just wonder why I don't feel that way.

Maybe I'm just more realistic than I expect myself to be. Even home is never permanent, after all.

In other news:

Rob is in the process of writing his final high school exams. The graduation dance is next week. That's the one where they stay out all night.

In my day (1968) you needed a date or you didn't go. I went with a classmate who had been "just" a friend for most of the high school years, and had a great time, as much as I can remember of it.
Now the kids don't worry about having a date - they go in groups. I think that's a tremendous improvement.

They've rented limousines, standard practice here, and plan to start off at the official dance, at a downtown hotel. After that they plan to try to get into some clubs even though they're underage. (Also standard practice.)

I'm not too clear on what (if anything) happens after that.

I'd probably be more vigilant if it were my daughter; I'd be more worried if Rob was a more naive or inexperienced person.

Double standard? Sure, I admit to it. I don't know how I'd be as a mother of a girl and I've never regretted not having one. The main reason for this is because of my relationship with my own mother, and all the issues I'd have to examine if I had a daughter.

I am however anticipating some granddaughters - let my kids have the aggravation!

I'm sure the dance will be good for at least another entry as I sit up all night worrying... stay tuned next Friday!

Linque Du Jour: Watch Wine Grow!

You mean wine doesn't grow on trees?

I remain on the lookout for other crop-cams; maybe that'll be my summer project.

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