June 4, 2001

Dear Diary...

It has come to my attention that I don't need a topic in order to write an entry.

"It's a diary," I was told, "not a column".

I admit I've written some entries wherein the concept of a topic was tenuous at best; but I really do think of this as a column rather than a diary . That's probably why I call it a journal .

If I were to write a diary, today would have gone something like this:

Woke up.
Poured coffee.
Went online.
Half an hour later, having achieved a semblance of consciousness, saw Hubby out the door (he was gone for an all-day golf thing) and took a shower.

While towelling off, noticed that the skin infection on the underside of my left breast (which I had first discovered a couple of days earlier and was trying to treat with vitamins) had become considerably worse.

Briefly considered upping the dose of vitamins.

Came to my senses and called my GP (General Practitioner, or family doctor as we call it here.) Spoke to the World's Worst Secretary whose only saving grace is she knows everyone by their first name and is expected by some to recognize them purely by voice when they call. WWS spends most of her day yakking to her friends and family, putting patients on hold and ignoring them in person in the waiting room. She has been heard to complain that she has no time! to do all her work and thus Dr. GP has to close his office some days to allow her to catch up.
Why does he put up with it? Darned if I know.. she's a freakin' grandmother, probably about fifteen years older than he is. Still, anything is possible...

Was told by WWS that they were overbooked but she could squeeze me in; rather than sit and moulder in the waiting room, however, I decided to go to one of the local walk-in clinics.

There are two such clinics on the ground floor of a small medical office building; the one in front is always packed; the one in the back has a slow, steady stream of patients. We've used them both and haven't yet found anything wrong with the one in the back.

I waited there about fifteen minutes.

Doctor looked at the infection: You certainly do have an abscess. I'll give you a prescription for antibiotics and also a cream.
After a short discussion about the life history of my breasts and those of my immediate family, Doctor said:

"I want to see that breast again."

"Come in on Thursday morning."
Yep, and I hope I remember to bring that breast with me!

Got the prescriptions, fed the car, went home.

Did miscellaneous house stuff such as folding sheets.

2:30, Rob returned from school.
2:35, felt the need for a nap.
3:45, got up to find him on the laptop in the kitchen.
Did a few things and began to make dinner.
Negotiated music selection; ended up with Matchbox 20. We were both happy with that.
(Rob Thomas is hot! For a youngster, that is..)

5:00, Mark arrived home; demanded food NOW
5:01 Gave him a bowl of soup.
6:00 Dinner; couldn't get Rob off the computer so got the computer and Rob off the table. Eventually he returned to eat.

Spent the rest of the evening cleaning up and trying to think of a topic for an entry.

I think it's a good thing that I don't write a diary.

Linque Du Jour:   Corn Stuff

It's growing season again in North America, and the Iowa Corn Cam is broadcasting live!

As is the soybean cam;

And the DairyCam, which boasts views of the "milking parlor". Somehow I have a problem picturing cows in the parlour of my parents' home. Why can't they just call it a "barn" and be done with it?

Following a link from the corncam, I discovered the World's Only Corn Palace, in Mitchell, SD.

It too has a cam.

What's a corn palace?

According to them:

The original Corn Palace, called "The Corn Belt Exposition" was established in 1892. Early settlers displayed the fruits of their harvest on the building exterior in order to prove the fertility of South Dakota soil. The third and present building was completed... in 1921. The exterior decorations are completely stripped down and new murals are created each year... by local artists... with each mural depicting an important facet of the lifestyle of South Dakota. These murals require thousands of bushels of corn, grain, grasses, wild oats, brome grass, blue grass, rye, straw and wheat each year.
The Corn Palace serves as a multi-use center for the community and region. The facility hosts stage shows, as well as sports events in its arena.

Another one for the "Urban Monstrosities" file? (Or in this case, perhaps, "Rural Monstrosities"...)

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