May 28, 2001

More Distractions

I don't know what I'd do now without the internet; it's still, after over five years, my biggest distraction and favourite new toy.

Of course there are books and music, but they require a little more energy than I'm currently willing to invest for more than a short time.

Fortunately, we're entering the busy season for the major tennis and golf tournaments.

I've always enjoyed watching sports on TV. Sometime in the early 60's my father introduced me to football (the CFL, when it wasn't considered just a farm league for the NFL) and, although we lived in Montreal, I became a loyal Ottawa Rough Riders fan. Russ Jackson (the quarterback) was my first sports hero.

Then came the Montreal Expos. The franchise debuted in 1969, and I was introduced to the game (and the experience of Jarry Park) by my then-boyfriend (who is my now-Hubby, or as I introduce him, my "first husband". OK I haven't had the nerve to do that yet but I'd like to!)

The Expos lasted me into the 1980's.. in fact, on and off, until 1994 when they were poised to win (or at least play in) the World Series for the first time ever. The infamous baseball strike intervened and I joined the bandwagon of those who lost interest.

I never took to hockey. Can't follow the damn puck or see the pattern in the plays. Happens too fast, I suppose.

Basketball is ok but for the last few years I've been more attracted to individual sports (as opposed to team sports), specifically, tennis and golf.

The French Open tennis tournament began today. Once again, the coverage (on USA in the 'States and TSN in Canada; elsewhere I don't know) is worth watching if only for the commentary. John McEnroe is superb. It's one thing to be a former champion and knowledgeable about the game, and another to be able to communicate that knowledge in an articulate, intelligent, entertaining manner.

He's the best thing to happen to sports commentary since Bob Costas.

Another source of distraction is Rob's band. They've been hard at work for months on another "demo" recording, this time under the direction of the musician that taught two of them (including Rob) to play guitar.

Some money has exchanged hands, to cover the cost of studio time and such, but it's not more than a few hundred dollars spread over four band members. The guitar teacher and some of his cronies have spent considerable time with these kids and while they'll get their share of any profits (profits?????) I still don't really get it.

Maybe they're good.. it's hard to say - punk isn't my thing; but "good" doesn't necessarily lead to success.

I kind of wish they'd settle on a band name, though. They've been "Flem", "Bumb", "Six Shooter", "Rubbed Off", and several more names that I can't think of; at the moment they're nameless again. I've suggested "Devil's Advocate", "Running with Scissors" and even "Tito and the Cosmonauts" during the recent space tourist thing; but so far they're ignoring those.

("Nameless" won't work because there's a band called "No Need for a Name" or something similar.)

I welcome your band name suggestions on the forum; the kids probably won't but who cares...

Finally, tomorrow is Mark's twentieth birthday.
Out of his teens.
My son, the adult.
Nope, does not compute.

This is about the silliest thing I've found on the 'net since the dryer lint stuff:

Linque Du Jour:   Virtual Bubble Wrap

Pop it, without fear of releasing poisonous chemical fumes into the air!

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