May 26, 2001


I'm still ok.
In fact, I'm wondering if something's wrong with me - I'm really.. ok.

I'm able to joke and laugh and have fun, if the occasion arises. Sure there's an underlying sadness, and sleeping and concentration aren't back to normal yet, but it's not overwhelming.

Denial? Delayed reaction? Maybe.. but I think perhaps I already went through much of the grieving process in the past year or even longer, since my father was first diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1999, and especially last spring when he was extremely ill and hospitalized for two months.

But I don't want to make an entire entry out of this; I want to think about other things again.

So.. looking through the Oddly Enough category at news:

(These links will probably expire within a couple of weeks; please read promptly if at all!)

I haven't reported on a good cow story* in a long time:

Cow Gets Rough with Golfer

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - An escaped cow stormed onto a Swedish golf course and charged a player and its two pursuing owners, the TT news agency reported.

A vet called to the scene in Uddevalla, southwest Sweden, managed to inject the cow with a tranquilizer but the animal, although slightly under par, still rampaged around the fairways for more than an hour before disappearing into a nearby forest.

Is that what they call a "moo-vable hazard"?**

Speaking of rampaging European livestock:

Woman Battered by Swan Loses Injury Claim

DUBLIN, Ireland (Reuters) - A woman whose wrist was broken after a swan knocked her to the ground and battered her in a Dublin park has lost a $32,600 injury action against the state, Irish newspapers said Friday.

Judge Kevin Haugh ruled that no negligence had been established against the park authorities, who could not be held responsible for a swan that had flown on to their land.

...He said he was satisfied that swans were not given to menacing behavior but accepted that this particular one had been having "a very bad day."

What constitutes a "very bad day" for a swan? Particularly one who gets a free lunch...

I wonder if swans eat these:

Cricket Glut Forces Snack Price Down

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - The price of raw crickets, a popular snack among Cambodians, has plummeted in recent weeks as heavy rains have made it easier to catch the insects, a local newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Market vendors sell the crickets -- hunted throughout the country -- either raw or fried to Cambodians who eat them like popcorn or nuts are consumed in the West.

Snack? The only member of our family who snacks on crickets is our gecko! I get approximately fifty large crickets for $6.90 tax included; it lasts us two weeks.
I can't imagine eating one myself.
I can however imagine wringing one's neck for that incessant chirping!

And finally, my personal favourite:
I'd heard about this several months ago but was unable to find much information online:

Penguin Story: A Good Yarn

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia's fairy penguins are all set for winter and any oil spills after 1,000 tiny woolly jerseys were specially knitted and sent from as far away as Japan to the Australian island state of Tasmania.

The jerseys, which cover the 40 cm (15 inches) tall penguins from neck to ankle, stop oil-coated penguins from preening themselves and ingesting poisonous oil.

"They (the penguins) are not very happy about them..."

I can't imagine why.. in the course of searching the web I came across this photograph.. what could be cuter? (Someone who shall remain nameless commented that it looks like a Benetton ad!)

This is something that I would love to do if for no other reason than it would drive my family crazy to see me sitting around the house, knitting for penguins!
All I need to do is find a pattern and an address for shipping...

(Yes, I know how to knit and crochet, and I even used to bake bread from scratch - no wimpy machine for me! I used to be domesticated...)

* Some of my other cow stories:

Something in the Way She Mooo's..
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June 14, 2000 (In the Linque du Jour)

** Credit (or blame) for that comment goes to Hubby. Any and all comments will be passed on.

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