March 25, 2001

Very Loose Ends

Dad's bones were right.. and then some. The snowfall last week exceeded predictions by about a foot.

I took these three photos during the storm:

front back side of house

And these a couple of days later:

my car! me what the snowplough left on the corner

(For larger images click on the thumbnails. Stephanie, you might want to save some of these for wallpaper, ewwww.)

It must be nice to be able to predict the weather by your aches and pains, but probably nicer not to have aches and pains at all. See below (Linque du Jour) for other ways to do it.

It's 10:30 PM and I'm not watching the Academy Awards.
Am I alone?
I did wander into the room where the TV was on for the pre-show and saw some of the celebrities arriving.

I must be missing some kind of female gene, because I really don't care what they were wearing or who their dates were.
It was, however, nice to see that the men's suits were commented upon as well as the women's gowns.

We briefly amused ourselves by making fun of some of the costumes, particularly that of one unidentified celebrity (is that an oxymoron?) who had on a very fuzzy white thing.

Me: She's wearing a sheep!
Hubby: It's feathers...
The camera focuses in to reveal what looks like a shoulder strap is actually a bird's neck, and there's a lethargic-looking bird's head draped upon the woman's opposite shoulder.
Me: It's a goose!!!
Hubby: It's a SWAN, geez.
Me: Same thing.
Hubby: *rolls eyes*

Checking in later, Hubby told me that the woman in question sang one of the nominated songs; he still couldn't remember her name except that it was one word ("like Cher").

Earlier today, both sons dragged me out to the mall; Mark (who hates shopping) had some photos to develop and Rob (who loves shopping) wasn't about to miss out on a free lunch. It cost me $25.00 at Subway but I got to sit in public with both my sons and watch them actually get along (which they're doing more of the last year or so, in between episodes of testosterone-induced posturing).

Rob has another new toy - a video game that behaves like one of those virtual pets that were popular a year or two ago. The game ("Seaman") comes with a tiny microphone so you can talk to your pet and teach it stuff. It even talks back! So we have the compelling spectacle of Rob, 16 years old, sitting in front of the TV carrying on a conversation with that thing.
(Is this any different from internet chat? Of course it is!)

Speaking of chat, a friend who moved away about five years ago finally got herself on ICQ and contacted Rob (through her son's account) to find me. Another (local) friend is also taking her first baby steps online. The worlds are merging - and it's about time, I think.
I wonder if any of them will find my website or if I'll just end up telling them about it myself?

Search Me...

Search engine hits continue to fascinate me, and not only the clearly misguided "longest penis" ones. Yesterday someone found an old entry via a search for this phrase:
"he says he's not ready for a relationship".

What intrigues me is, what caused the person to type in that exact phrase and search for it? Was it a woman looking for commiseration? Was it a man looking for guidance? My site came up number one of four, for an entry in which I predicted the demise of Mark's relationship with his girlfriend at the time. (It seems to have since ended but it took almost another year, longer than I had guessed.)

For fun, I did a search on "she says she's not ready for a relationship"; only three distinct sites came up. Still it's close - maybe equality of the sexes isn't too far off anymore.

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