February 16, 2001


Tonight I'm in the mood for heavy rock music.
I try some Led Zeppelin, but that grates after a half hour or so.
So I borrow one of Rob's CD's - Metallica, the Black Album or something..


I'm in the kitchen with the laptop set up on the table. I seem to think I'll get more work done this way - if I go downstairs to the computer I end up never resurfacing.

Rob comes in and starts whining about the demise of Napster:

Why are they picking on Napster and not the others, is it because Napster is the most successful, (possibly), aren't these guys rich enough, I need Napster to get our music across, I don't want them to close!

Me: It's stealing.

Rob: Are they going to have to ban MP3's?

Me: They can't ban technology. They'll have to rewrite the laws. Same thing happened with recordable cassette tapes and video tapes. Napster's technology is fine when permission is granted; otherwise it's stealing.

Rob: Why do they make MP3 players - they should be illegal too?

Me: No, the MP3's could have been downloaded from legitimate sites where the artists gave permission.

Rob: Um, Ma?

Me: What?

Rob: What are you listening to?

Me: Your Metallica CD..........

Yes, it's a pirated copy.
I knew that....

I've been grumbling on and off lately about making changes to the format of this journal. I tried the weblog - it hasn't worked out as I'd intended, which was brief comments and observations in-between entries. It turned out to be brief comments and observations instead of entries; or conversely, if I wrote an actual entry, the weblog became neglected.

Such problems..

What I'd like to do is redesign the front page so that the current entry is included there. This will probably take me awhile, judging from the progress of my other projects.

Another thing I've wanted to try for awhile is a message board. That's one of the easiest things to set up - the question is, would it work here? (i.e., do I have enough readers who might want to use it?)
We won't know until we try, so here goes..

This is the official unveiling of the Inertia Forum!

I started a few threads; anyone can start one by clicking "Ask a Question". Someone even found the forum earlier today, I guess from the Greenspun site.
(Look it over if you have time.. he has a really nice dog.)

Of course, I still welcome email - comments are appreciated whether public or private. I know I'm bad at replying especially to the people who take the time and trouble to respond the most often - (in no particular order) Doug, Bonnie, and Jim.
You guys rule.

And while you're there, maybe you can explain why my weblog turned up number 1 in a search for colonic inertia...

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