January 20, 2001


Days like this (the inauguration of the U.S. President) bring out the political junkie in me.

Americans might think it strange that Canadians are so obsessed with their politics - or maybe they don't, who knows. I'm sure I know more about things U.S. than things Canadian, especially after this election cycle.

Although we've had our moments, U.S. politics, like most things U.S., is bigger and flashier. In the 1970's we had riots and the War Measures Act; they had riots and Watergate. We have referenda; they have impeachments. If our Prime Ministers are having sex in their offices, they haven't been caught yet.

Before I begin to ramble, I should say two things:

First, the opinions expressed are all totally off the top of my head. They have no basis in fact or evidence and are my gut reactions.

Second, if I were American, I don't know if I'd be a Republican or a Democrat, but most likely neither, and I'd vote on instinct. That may not be the best way to do it but my gut speaks louder than my brain.

I remember watching Clinton's campaign leading up to the 1992 election.
I couldn't get past the look in his eyes.
I would not have voted for him because of the look in his eyes.
I still can't find the appropriate adjective to describe them.. shifty is closest but that really doesn't cover it.

I've known men with that look in their eyes.
I was once in love with a man like that.
To my credit, I didn't marry one.

To the exasperation of some of my friends, I continue to believe that Monica did really love Bill (among other things) because as unlikely as it sounds, I've known men who can weave a dream and make women believe that all things are possible. I, uh, feel her pain.

I didn't trust Clinton then and it turns out I was right about that.
I didn't think he would be a good President, and it can be argued (and I believe) I was wrong about that.

I'm still having trouble understanding how a person who is untrustworthy on a personal level can successfully be entrusted with the welfare of the world's most powerful country.

Now we (in the global sense) have Dubya, as he's been dubbed.

I watched the campaign.
I couldn't get past the look in his eyes.
I wouldn't have voted for him because of the look in his eyes.

Not the same look as Clinton, of course - far from it.

Dubya's eyes look blank to me. They look like the kindergarten kid who's sitting there quietly but you know he doesn't understand a darn thing that's going on.

I've spent a lot of time in the past weeks searching those eyes for some kind of glimmer, some hope that I'm wrong. I really hope I'm wrong.

I don't get any feel for his character from the look on his face. Does he have a personality at all? I like the pictures of him in casual dress - he seems a bit more human there.

The inauguration speech was good.. but of course he didn't write it.

I doubt he'll end up exposed (literally) in the oval office.
I just hope he's capable of getting some work done in there.

Then we have the wives.

I admire Hillary but I could never be in her shoes. I wouldn't have made the choices she's made. I'm not saying her choices are wrong for her, but they would have been wrong for me.

I think Bill knew what he was doing when he married her.

Laura Bush looks like someone I could be friends with. She has a lovely softness about her. She's a librarian, which is also a big plus - it means her priorities are good.

I've been admiring the gowns she's worn to the inaugural balls and parties this weekend - her dressmaker has good taste. I also like the way her hips are just a touch bigger than what's considered ideal nowadays.

She'll be a wonderful role model.

Linque Du Jour:   Bush or Chimp?

It seems apropos to the entry.. not to mention hilarious..

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