January 19, 2001

Voices continued.. Breaking News!

Two things to add to today's entry with regard to Rien's Voice Project:

First and most important:

Voice Project Phase Two has begun!

If you missed out the first time (and even if you didn't!) here's another chance. This one isn't as easy, though. No random bleeps, bathroom noises, grunts, yowls, or attempted singing; Rien wants stories - journal entries, short fiction, poetry, i.e., things we write, in any language. It's intended to be the audio equivalent of a journal collab project.

The details are at the above link, and in Rien's current entry, for the time being (while it's still.. current.)


Due to overwhelming demand (hi Stephanie!) I've been persuaded to post a snippet of the track I participated in;
Here's   before - about 90kb -
and   after - about 320 kb -
samples, with a bit of the original wav I sent, and a bit of the finished result.

Of course the sound quality isn't the same as the CD, file size being an issue, but it's the thought that counts.. isn't it?

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