January 14, 2001

Miscellaneous Minutiae

We've been home for a week; it feels like longer. Nothing bad has happened; nothing much has happened at all. I spent part of the week fighting off another depression -and another cold- but both are gone now, leaving me wondering what to write about.

I don't like that I've gotten out of the habit of posting here, and partially out of the habit of looking for a defining moment or emotional theme in my day to wrap an entry around. Keeping this journal has been good for me in a variety of ways; the most important being that it forces me to examine and work through my thoughts, emotions and reactions. When I see myself putting off even a brief weblog entry, it's worrisome.

For want of a cohesive theme this time, here are some random news bits and observations:

I finally completely caved in on the cell phone issue. Rob's pager contract is expiring and he wanted to graduate to a phone.

While I still can't understand why these kids want to be wired, I went along with it to the point of buying the phone for him; he will have to support his own air time costs.

Our household of four now has two home phone lines (one, for practical purposes, dedicated to the internet) and three cell phones; Hubby is quick (and proud) to remind anyone who'll listen that he doesn't use any of them!

During the phone shopping expedition this afternoon, Rob and I had occasion to walk through a section of the mall known as Les Ailes de la Mode. It's a mall-within-a-mall, rather upscale, with small boutiques scattered around circuitous paths. The focus is on cosmetics and clothing; the name, translated, means "The Wings of Fashion".
(In French, les ailes (plural) are wings; ail (singular) is garlic. I don't know quite what to make of that.)

In the center of this section there was a grouping of easy chairs, at least ten or twelve of them, arranged in a circle. More than half of them were filled - all with men. I started to giggle and pointed it out to Rob.. he put the "yeah, sure Mom" look on his face. The men all sat there, staring into space, slumped over in varying degrees.. with glazed-over expressions. A few minutes later when we passed by again, three or four women had arrived, and were standing over their respective others, showing them things and talking. The men remained glazed-over.

It's comforting in a way to see that not all stereotypes are dead.

Finally, I was amused by this radio ad I heard a few days ago, while driving :

Two shrill harpies are talking; it goes something like this:

SH1: I ate SO MUCH over the holidays, I just CAN'T MOVE now!

SH2: Oh I know what you mean, so did I. My clothes don't fit anymore, I was such a pig.

SH1: I know! Let's go to *SomePlaceIDidn'tCatchtheName*!

SH2: You're right, what a good idea!

ME, thinking: OK, it's either a weight loss place or a gym..

At this point, there was an announcer voice over which made it clear that the ad was for a large-sizes clothing outlet!

SH1: Come on.. after what I ate I can use a new wardrobe!

I don't know how effective that ad was but it wins the prize for honesty!

Linque Du Jour:   Moose: the Final Chapter?

Well the moose are off the streets of Toronto and on the auction block - for charity.

The road to hell may be paved with good intentions, but certainly there must be a less grotesque way to raise money?

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