January 3, 2001

The Mind Wanders...

Jan. 2, sometime in the early afternoon:

I ought to write..

Not because I owe anybody anything or promised anybody anything.. but for myself.

Iíve gotten off track in regard to the journal lately. I guess it was overdue, after almost a year and a half. Many people burned out after much less time. I'm not burned out but rather feel disconnected. Probably easier to fix than burnout.

Maybe itís time to reassess the direction of the thing.. maybe not. I donít seem to be able to put two coherent thoughts together on this vacation anyway. Before we left I expected Iíd have much to write about, away from home.. but South Florida is a second home to me - it hardly feels like weíre away, weíre just in warmer, albeit more cramped, surroundings. The forced togetherness brings out all manner of latent dysfunction, which is another reason I havenít been inclined to write. If I try to write about something other than whatís uppermost in my mind, it often doesnít work.

I ought to do a journal redesign..

For the new year.
I could do it here in Florida on my laptop. I certainly could organize a new directory structure for 2001 at the very least. Maybe I will but I wouldnít bet the farm on it.

(I didn't. I'll sort it out when we get home.)

I donít really feel the urge to redesign at the moment, though. The current background is the only one Iíve been able to tolerate for any length of time.. I may go to plain tables with a background colour or tile but that feels like too big an undertaking at the moment..

I ought to update the weblog daily, as a chronicle of the mundane details of my life.


ĎCause itís there? ĎCause I can? ĎCause I find it amusing to look back on.

Donít I have anything to write about? Letís see..

The real millennium came and went with less fanfare than last yearís digit turnover. We turned out to be in approximately the same place as we were on Dec. 31. 1999 (see the New Year's 2000 entry) with the same friends. The street (A1A, the beach strip in Fort Lauderdale) wasnít the same though.. it was almost like any evening, except perhaps for the bang of fireworks in the distance and the sound of those paper horns that people blow. Thereís an indoor-outdoor mall where a dance party was going on, so we watched that for awhile, and then returned to the motel around 10 PM because it was just too cold and windy to stay outside. The ball dropped, we all kissed and hugged, and that was that.

After all, itís only 2001 on our calendar, which is one of many in use in the world. A good excuse to party but not terribly significant otherwise.

The abovementioned friends have left for home, and we follow in three days. Or sooner if the kids donít stop squabbling.. I can be packed in a half hour.

We need to catch up on a bit of shopping.. a gift for the niece in Albany NY whom weíll visit on the way home - itís her third birthday on Sunday. I suggested looking in Borderís Bookstore for a nice kiddie gift set.. the others shot that down. Iím hoping laziness will get the better of them because I donít have the patience to scour the malls in search of toys. I was rather surprised at their attitude.. they had an uncle who indulged them with books and they loved it. Maybe Iíll insist!

Jan. 3, early afternoon

Shopping is done.. they said try Wal-Mart first and we found a talking stuffed thing that should do.. if Mark doesnít wear out its batteries before we get there!

Today itís sunny out but still cool.. the kind of weather I like best, but I donít have much of an urge to be outdoors. Iím cocooning, content to sit and read, mostly.. even the crossword and number puzzles that I used to do by the hour donít seem very appealing.

I always save a Maeve Binchey book for vacation.. last year it was The Glass Lake; now itís Tara Road. Big long luxurious books that go down very easily, just enough effort required for them not to be boring.

When I finish it I have the new Stephen King book, On Writing. Iím not a fan of his genre but this seems to be more a personal memoir thing.

The kids are entranced by the Game Show Network on Cable, so I have polished up my tuning-out skills and withdrawn into a world of my own making, where I can place the furniture where I please, and there are no clocks or telephones. (There is however a modem line..)

I did venture out to the beach a few times. It was too cold to swim then, but I love the sand and the waves and the sight of boats on the horizon. I love the salty-fishy smell and the bird calls and constant rumble of the ocean. Iíve never been able to decide whether I prefer the mountains or the sea as a vacation spot.. they both fill a certain need; the mountain vista is uplifting (no pun intended, for once) and the sea reminds me of my origins. (Figuratively, as a species, and literally too.. all my grandparents came to North America on ships!)

Two more nights here and then we leave. Despite the cold and snow, I want to be home.

Linque Du Jour:

Sorry, too lazy today!

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