November 26, 2000


I've been glued to the TV for most of the evening - watching CNN and the US election drama continue to unfold. The thing is.. I have to vote in the Canadian election tomorrow and I'm seriously afraid I might forget.

Not that I've decided whom to vote for; it's a best of a bad lot, least of the evils situation. Almost certainly, Hubby and I will vote differently; that's happened many times before.

The great dilemma will come tomorrow evening.. what to watch? The Canadian election returns, to find out if the Liberals win a majority or minority government, or the continuing saga of the hanging chad? I think the remote will be getting a workout.

Some loose ends..

For the dryer lint entry: I forgot to add this, under the heading of "Useful Stuff":

Some guy (almost as ubiquitous as "they") wrote in to this sporting magazine site to extol the virtues of dryer lint as a "dubbing material" for fly fishing; furthermore, he claims it performs even better when mixed with dog hair.

I know absolutely nothing about fly fishing. I have a mental picture of a fast-flowing river with a man standing hip deep in rubber pants; I don't know if that's fly fishing though. Maybe fly fishing is done off a pier or rowboat in a still lake. I've heard of fly tying but don't know what it is, beyond creating a lure that fools poor unsuspecting fish into thinking that dinner is served.

When I was a child I occasionally went fishing with my father, either up north in the Laurentians or in one of the rivers closer to Montreal. He used to stay on shore and cast his line; I remember him being pretty careful about not taking anyone's eye out when he threw back the rod. He used worms, and tried to teach me how to bait the hook, but that was too much.. I'm not terribly squeamish but neither do I condone violence, and spearing a poor innocent worm is indeed violent. So he prepared my hook for me; I don't remember ever catching anything but I do remember realizing that catching fish wasn't really the point.

I don't know what type of fish are caught with flies; my mother always said you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar but she made no suggestions about fish.
I doubt, however, that sardines are one of them.

Speaking of sardines.. it has recently been brought to my attention that nobody eats them anymore. I remember my parents always having sardines in the house.. my father used to mash them up with cream cheese and chopped onion. I think that was an old Russian recipe he got from the ancestors, who are all deceased now, and I think we know why.

Sardines are not cool; sardines come in a can that is impossible to open; I just now remembered that my parents had some sort of metal thingy in the drawer that they used for that express purpose, opening sardine cans. As if they were locked, and that was the key. I figure, if they pack it that securely, they don't want me to eat it.

Sushi is cool. I've never tried it, using the excuse that I'm allergic to fish. I don't know if I would taste it even if I weren't.. perhaps on a dare. They had a sushi bar at a party we attended a few months ago, and the creations I saw there looked like nothing edible.

Today was also the final game of the CFL (Canadian Football League) season. Our championship game is called the Grey Cup (I think after Lord Grey, not the colour); the Montreal Alouettes finally made it to the Grey Cup game, but lost 28-26 to the B.C. Lions. Said Lions are distinguished by having a kicker/punter who is retiring.. after twenty-five seasons with the team. Yes. Lui Passaglia is 46 years old and ended his career with a Grey Cup win. Can't feel bad about that!

Linque Du Jour:   Reality Asylum

Rien is moving!

Well so far just his journal URL, but you never know..

This is one of the very few journals I've read consistently for over a year. (Probably the only one in that category!) Rien is.. well.. even cooler than sushi, and he writes better, too.

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