October 30, 2000

Oversize Carrots and the Night Sky

2 PM Oct. 29:

I could use a nap about now but I've already been to the hairdresser. We're attending a close friend's daughter's wedding this evening and I grudgingly got my hair done.

My hairdresser is used to me. I only show up every two months or so when my roots need refreshing and maybe I let her trim the split ends. When I have to have my hair done I usually walk in and say, nothing fancy, I only want it to look like I've been to the hairdresser. She rolls her eyes and proceeds. This time she did something with bobby pins in the back which looks nice.. I hope it lasts the evening.

And oh yes we woke up today to find snow on the ground. Only about an inch but I had to BRUSH OFF MY CAR in order to go out. It's not unusual to have some snow in October, even much earlier in the month, but I consider it a personal insult. I shouldn't have to deal with this until at least November.

The wedding celebration begins at 5 PM in a synagogue about a half hour's drive away. For the first hour, drinks and hors d'oeuvres are served; the ceremony begins at 6 PM. That is followed by dinner and dancing, and a "sweet table" of fruit and elaborate desserts beginning around 11 PM. The bar is unlimited throughout, and Irish Coffee is usually served late. As it's a Sunday, people may begin to leave around 11 PM but the party continues on for a few hours. Young single guests usually invite dates for the "dancing", after dinner.

We're often invited to celebrations for this friend's extended family; I feel closer to them than most of my own family, and certainly closer than to Hubby's. (Hubby even admits the same!)

2 PM Oct. 30:

The wedding was lovely but I woke up with a bad headache. I don't think it's a hangover.. those drinks are usually watered down, right? And the Irish coffee didn't even keep me up all night. I was disappointed in that - I wanted to finish this entry but couldn't see straight.

It's astounding what one can do with food as a sculpting material. On the hors d'oeuvres table there was a tropical menagerie! The first thing I noticed were the turtles.. shells fashioned from cantaloupe halves, feet made of zucchini wedges, head a cucumber end. It even had a red tongue, probably a sliver of red pepper inserted into a slice in the cucumber.

Then there were the eggplant penguins. The eggplant was carved out so that flappy wings appeared, and the shell was sliced off to form the tuxedo front. The eyes were probably lemon peel tips with toothpicks, and buttons and a tie were fashioned out of various vegetables. It had a top hat but I have no idea whether that was some weird mushroom or just styrofoam or something!

There were parrots carved out of big chunks of melon; but the piece de resistance (in my opinion) was the palm trees.

The palm trees that to me, looked more like something else!

The stems were really really big carrots, carved so that they were bumpy and irregular, such as a tree might be; The leaves (fronds?) were generally green pepper halves, plopped on top. They were truly inspiring.

Linque Du Jour:   The Night Sky Rider

I haven't featured a new "guy" journal in awhile. This is one for the "best kept secret" file*. I didn't actually "find" him - he found me, but included his URL in a friendly email.** The first reaction I had to his journal was, how come I never heard of this before?***

I'm just starting to go through the archives but these are my impressions so far: it's well-written; the photography is spectacular; it's a completely subjective look at one person's world and what goes on in his mind. Plenty goes on there, and it's a mind sufficiently different from my own neurotic one that I find it as refreshing as the dip in this creek must have been.

I can't not mention this photo as well.. 16 million colours, all of them shades of Norwegian blue.

This journal is most definitely a keeper.

* - along with Bob's Another Day, which despite the fact that he does NO self-promotion, and belongs to NO webrings or lists, and participates in NO group projects, has a comfortable base of loyal fans. Cream really does rise to the top!

** - Everyone (who hasn't already) should send me a friendly email!

*** - Probably because if I had, the title might have put me off - I'd have thought it was a reference to a video game/sci-fi thing/kiddie cartoon or something like that. Turns out, the author loves to fly (as in, pilot airplanes) at night. There's also that emerald sunset thing..

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