October 21, 2000

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This happens every month or two.. I don't get around to writing for three or four days and lose all momentum.
Last time that turned into this entry. I could do a similar one now but I don't want to repeat myself - not blatantly, anyway.

So what's new...

Top of the list is, Dad's last PSA test (taken in September) was excellent. This is the screening test for prostate cancer but it also measures the activity of an existing cancer (as I understand it.) It's a year since he was diagnosed and began hormone therapy. Now he's thinking about spending a month in Florida this winter. At least he's behaving more maturely than he did last year, when he bought his plane tickets the very day after he learned his diagnosis.

After all his health problems last spring, I'm sure he thought he'd never see Florida again, so in a way I hope he goes.. I also hope he can handle Stepmom there. With her memory loss she can't be left alone, especially in less familiar surroundings.

Older Son Mark arrived home a few minutes ago; Younger Son Rob isn't expected for awhile. He's at a sweet sixteen party for a classmate. The girls in our area tend to have rather extravagant parties in reception halls, but they're family affairs as well so at least there's plenty of supervision.

Hubby's fast asleep; he's a morning person. Our kids have the blessing (or curse?) of nearly round-the-clock parenting.

10 PM the following evening:

Rob came home earlier than expected, and one or the other was at the computer for most of the day today so I'm in serious internet withdrawal. They didn't used to use it this much but Rob has discovered he can conduct his social life better with ICQ and the phone, simultaneously; Mark has discovered online personality tests and rediscovered online chess.

Why aren't they out in the strip joints like normal kids?

We may not be in Kansas anymore but corn* grows here** too:

Caught this on the CBC News last week, and found the corresponding article on their website:

God & science clash in classroom

HAMPSHIRE, P.E.I. - P.E.I.'s Federation of Home and Schools is concerned about evolution being discussed with students. It's asking the department of education to give equal time to the Creation.

Home and Schools is, I think, a parent organization.

One of the parents leading this initiative, explaining how his kids were confused that different versions of man's origin were taught at home and at school, said,

"They found it difficult to agree with something they didn't agree with."

Can't argue with that logic..

An education department official countered with the statement that evolution isn't even part of the curriculum in P.E.I. because it's too "controversial":

"In terms of the origins of human kind, there is of course great disagreement on that and scientifically you cannot establish where things started in the first place so you move basically from science to beliefs."

(Personally I think the P.E.I school system should concentrate solely on the English language arts until the products thereof can formulate an intelligent sentence.)

The aspect of this that troubles me the most is the "equal time" proviso. More mention was made of it on the TV feature than in this article. Equal time does not necessarily mean equal importance and some concepts are easier to understand than others. Parents alone should not be dictating the time allotment for subjects; and why are P.E.I. schools not teaching controversial subjects, anyway?

* not to mention red potatoes..

** Disclaimer:   I'm not in PEI; I'm in Quebec. The word "here" was meant in the larger sense of here, in Canada, in the present (as opposed to the past), in our collective consciousness as a society.

Linque Du Jour:  Escape from Planet TV

This article appeared in the Montreal Gazette last Sunday; it concerns the columnist's experiences and observations upon becoming reacquainted with television after more than a year's abstinence. The style is amusing; the societal implications are not.

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