September 28, 2000


First of all, a correction is in order. In my last entry, I stated that walking is not an Olympic sport. This is false. Walking is a track and field event. The women's 20K walk was on television last evening, and a clumsier-looking sport there never was. It resembles chickens running to be fed, viewed in slow motion.

It also fails to conform to my definition of the word "sport": if I can do it, it's not one.

Survivor Journals

I didn't watch the Survivor TV series, nor am I watching it in reruns. I hope that doesn't sound like intellectual snobbery: "I never watch TV. Except sometimes the PBS opera broadcasts or documentaries on the Australian wombat." I did happen to be in the room at times when Survivor was on (the kids and Hubby watched) and it just didn't grab me. Too much foliage. Too much dirt. Too little deodorant.

I also gathered that the game was played in a rather back-stabbing fashion. Not surprising since the grand prize was a million US dollars. Still, I felt I could live without having to follow the ins and outs of who did what to whom. I get my fill of that on the diary-l discussion list.

Now I'm a participant in the Survivor Journals project, developed by Bob of the And If I Die journal. There are nine competing journallers to begin with, and the group is supposed to vote one off each week. I was familiar with about half of the eight other journals and have since checked out the others.

This is about as anti-Survivor a group as you'd ever find. The main concern now, (as expressed on the project's discussion list) with the game set to begin on Sunday, Oct. 1, is how to get through it with a minimum of hurt feelings. Since there is no tangible prize at the end, we're all winners, as the goals are to have fun, interact as a group, and increase all our readerships. There has already been progress towards all these goals, even before the first entry has appeared!

Nor do the people voted off have to go away quietly.. they are welcome to stay as "judges", "guests" or (in my case, presumably) "general pains in the rear end".

The first topic has been announced and the entries are being readied to post by Sunday:

I am the last person in the world who you would want to find your journal. I just read through the entire contents of it and have contacted you...furious, hurt, confused and devastated.
1. Who am I? Why am I the last person you would want to read this journal.
2. What would you tell me. How would you explain this perceived act of distrust, betrayal and hurt?

Anyone is welcome to write an entry and be linked as a guest.. see the Survivor Journals page for details.

My photos are back.. I'll fire up the scanner later this evening and see what develops. (Sorry.)

Linque Du Jour:   Just Die Already   by Chuck

If you've had enough feel-good writing, Chuck is for you.
Chuck says what others dare not say. Well, "others" specifically is Bob.

I didn't ask permission but I'm going to quote here from Chuck's about page, for a clearer explanation:

Chuck is the alter-ego of Bob, from And If I Die Before I Wake...

Chuck is an alpha male.

Chuck is not PC.

Chuck scares Bob.

Bob bores Chuck.

Chuck likes to refer to himself in the third person.

Chuck is here to say the things Bob can't.

Chuck thinks he is real.

Chuck is his biggest fan.

Chuck answers any and all questions.

The problem with Bob is, he started his journal as an ongoing letter to his young children. Fortunately, Bob has an evil sense of humor and a personality that goes way beyond being "Dad". Bob claims he felt confined by his role in his first journal (my paraphrasing, hope it's accurate) and hence Chuck was born.

Chuck requires some of what they call "parental discretion" but otherwise he's a hoot!

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