September 24, 2000

Rebooting Myself

1:20 PM:
I just returned home from taking a walk!

Well ok it's not an Olympic event (yet.. you never know..) but it's something I regrettably haven't done in awhile. Months, probably even longer. It's usually house-car; mall, bowling, errands, Dad, etc.; car-house. And some days I don't even get out the door in the first place.

Not having a roof of any sort over my head feels strange at first. There's maybe even a physical difference, a change in atmospheric pressure or something. There are objects to look at that are farther away than a few feet in front of me. Things change quickly.. leaves rustle, birds and bees fly by, clouds drift over the sun. And that's without even leaving my front porch!

Anyway, I sucked it up (both the weirdness and my belly) and set off. I went through the park to a main street, checked out the stores in a small strip mall, followed the main street back in a circle and came home the long way. It took an hour at most - I had forgotten to bring my watch.

I did however bring my camera*. I'm looking for new numbers for Rien's numbers project. I saw a perfectly good "82" on the side of some park equipment.. too bad there isn't a month with 82 days. Well, unless that month would be February.

There was a movie poster in a video store window with the elusive "28" (in the title of a Sandra Bullock movie) so I shot that; it may or may not come out due to weird lighting conditions and reflections. I found a few other numbers in bus routes and for sale signs, all the while attracting strange looks from passers-by. I guess it's not normal in suburban Montreal to photograph bus stops.

Then, on the trunk of a silver-grey car in someone's driveway.. there it was. Not a number but something even better.. a perfect red maple leaf. Perfect.

I should have photographed it as it lay there but I didn't want someone thinking I was photographing their car. I picked it up and took it to the park, about 10 minutes away. I took several photos of it and hope at least one comes out nicely - I can use it as an icon or logo or something, and it'll be mine, all mine.. not courtesy of anybody.

Besides the social implications of taking a walk, it's also *gasp* exercise. Exercise is supposed to be good for me. Exercise will keep me young, get rid of superfluous pounds, and, as I recently learned, is good for depression. So why do I work so hard to avoid it?

We recently bought a treadmill which I have used exactly twice, about three weeks ago. No more uncomfortable exercise bike. No more weather-related excuses for not walking. The only excuse left is laziness and that's unacceptable. I should keep an exercise log online like Jim does (in a sidebar every Saturday) - maybe it'll shame me into getting moving.

* Photos to be developed sometime soon, when I finish the roll and get around to it.

The red leaf reminded me that autumn snuck in when I wasn't looking; last Friday at 1:27 PM EDT to be precise, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac. That would have made a good excuse for an entry if I'd thought of it in time. Someone remind me in December..

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