September 2, 2000

Write Something, Already!

Every time I go longer than two days between entries, it's difficult to begin again. It must be "inertia". (Bad pun, not sorry.)
The voices in my head grow ever louder, shooting down every topic I can think of.

What I did today?
Nobody cares that you bought crickets for the lizard, did the laundry and took a 3 hour nap.

Josh Freed's Saturday newspaper column?
Nobody cares what's going on in Montreal.

The colonoscopy (routine screening) I have scheduled for Tuesday?
Gross, too much info, and you'll write about it afterwards anyway.

The weather?
Ummm, nope.

My bowling league?
Nobody cares.

School committee?

The kids? Older Son took half a day off work yesterday (to be made up Wednesday evening) to help out his girlfriend who had fallen up the stairs at her job and needed consolation and help to go to the clinic and then to get home. He walked in the house around 9 PM as expected, and said nothing until today when he casually mentioned it. He's a good person, except when he's angry. That's why I'm glad he's not driving yet.

Younger Son is settling into senior year of high school. Woe is all of us, he's about to be unleashed upon the world.

Are my kids interesting to anyone but me? Well they should be.
Or maybe not.

The diarist awards? I was nominated in the guest entry category but didn't win. I was (and still am) delighted to have made it to the finals and I appreciate the exposure and publicity for the journal. Not winning stung a bit.. for about a minute. It was better to have been nominated and lost, than never to have been nominated at all.
(Oops I forgot, nobody cares.)

No matter, I'm up and running again.

According to this article, it seems the International Olympic Committee has banned the athletes competing next month from recording their experiences on the 'web.

Rule 59 states that an Olympic athlete is not permitted to record his thoughts of his Olympic experience and have it posted on the Internet. Doing so would be tantamount to an athlete acting as a journalist, the IOC has determined. And that is grounds for being thrown out of the Games.

And the IOC is so squeaky-clean their own selves..

I don't get what would be so wrong about an athlete acting as a journalist. Journalists try to act as athletes at times, and nobody cancels their columns. Or could it be that having free content available world-wide might interfere with the lucrative media rights and advertising contracts.. just a thought.

One Year Ago Today, More or Less

The seahorse entry. Still one of my favourites.

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