August 20, 2000


This entry is my contribution to the new collab project, Waning Poetic. The topic for August is:

Inventory: Open your purse, your wallet, or your desk drawer. What's in it? Why is it there?

I carry around a pretty big purse. Unfortunately, it's not big enough. I can fit in my cell phone and a small paperback book along with the essentials (see below) but I'd like to carry around a camera and a notebook as well; not to mention sunglasses. I recently bought a bigger purse, and when I came home, Hubby asked, "Who's the schoolbag for?"

While switching over, I took notes and here's what I can't do without:

  • cell phone
  • extra pair of glasses
  • cosmetic pouch with hairbrush, face powder, lipstick, two tiny rolls of dental floss, and an emply Hall's wrapper
  • two Nutrigrain bars
  • refund card from Wal Mart for a pair of shorts Dad bought and later decided against.
  • a few purse packets of kleenex
  • breath mints and gum
  • disinfectant hand gel
  • book, at the moment, A Woman of Independent Means by Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey
  • "fart machine", broken. Something Younger Son had and gave to Dad in the hospital after his operation when he was told he had to, um, fart
  • epipen (adrenaline injection for severe allergic reactions)
  • ventolin asthma pump
  • tiny three-ring notebook
  • a few loose pieces of looseleaf paper
  • pens
  • pencils
  • bandaids
  • extra car key for when I lock my keys in the car (at least bi-monthly)
  • matches (nobody in my family smokes)
  • tiny screwdriver because my glasses temples kept coming loose. They were repaired about three years ago but it's still a good thing to have around
  • unidentified key
  • emery board
  • metal pin I found in Dad's stuff. I think it's from the army.
  • cheques
  • HMV (music store) certificate the kids got me for my birthday last year
  • tiny calculator
  • directions to YS's friend's home in Florida
  • big paper clip
  • bag o'medicines, mostly anti-allergy and pain relievers.
  • Bill from the local pet store, for crickets and a "pinky mouse" we tried feeding the lizard only he didn't perceive it as food. Yuck.
  • Two AAA green Radio Shack batteries, dented
  • andddddddddd.. my wallet. We'll save that for another time.

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