August 18, 2000


This past Wednesday the Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chretien, was hit square in the face with a pie.

One of the news reports, including photo, is here.

This happened in Prince Edward Island, a Province not known for violent tendencies. Hubby and I were there in 1978 and were amazed that cars actually slowed down for pedestrians. The Province is known for its red potatoes and red sand beaches (it's an island in the Atlantic Ocean off New Brunswick and Nova Scotia), Anne of Green Gables, and not much else.

The hit wasn't a juvenile prank; it was a serious social comment, a protest against issues including the sale of genetically engineered produce in Canada. The protester was quickly escorted away by police and charged with assault, then released on bail.

The Prime Minister was unharmed (except perhaps his dignity but it could be argued that that disappeared long ago) and went about his schedule as planned. The larger issue, of course, is how could this happen? Specifically, where were the Mounties who are supposed to protect the P.M.? A pie could just as easily have been a brick a knife, or a gun. The Mounties claim their security was planned according to their "risk assessment" which I suppose means, "Nothing ever happens in P.E.I!"

This incident is nothing new, in several ways. The Prime Minister's security has been breached before: in 1995 and again in 1996, intruders were able to sneak into the P.M.'s residence, one of them even making it up to his bedroom in the middle of the night. And pies in the face are becoming a Canadian tradition of sorts, having been bestowed upon a former Quebec Premier, a former mayor of Montreal, and a former English rights activist, among others. It is quite the Canadian thing to do - making your point while causing no actual harm, yet showing that you could have caused harm if you'd wanted to.

More on the pager saga: Younger Son called the pager company on Tuesday, and put the call on speakerphone so I could learn from the master. It went mostly like the calls that I had made, except he was more persistent and asked more detailed questions ("What are you going to send? Is it the other model that was in the store at the time? Is it ok if I keep this one? When are you sending it? So if I don't get it by Friday, I can call you back? What's your name?...)

Today is Friday and the pager arrived. He says it's a newer model. He called to have it activated to the same account and - so far - all is well.

I must say that I'm a little peeved that he got results where I didn't. Is it because I'm a woman? Is it because he was more obnoxious? We'll probably never know.

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A few good ones today:

Teenage Journals, for an entry in which I made a brief reference to them. Boy do they have the wrong girl..

a pie in her face which had to do with my feeling towards the social worker (another pie?) and
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Both appeared today but what intriges me is the use of the gender. Why "her"?

I like this one: cincinnati cow butchering. Is he out to get a fiberglass cow, or the real thing?

Linque Du Jour:   Patscan's Collection of Bizarre Patents

This is a Canadian patent search site at the University of British Columbia, according to the URL. They've listed their collection of "bizarre patents" (not only from Canada, but from wherever they've found them) and arranged them into categories. Examples:

  • For Kids, Pets and Other Beasts
  • Rodents in Torment - the Saga of the Mousetrap
  • Yes! Perpetual Motion Lives
There's also a featured Bizarre Patent of the Month (this month's invention: the "tear-apart stress relief doll and method") and links to other strange patent sites.

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