August 13, 2000

The Search Engines Will Have a Field Day with This One

For the last three weeks or so, Younger Son has had to do without his pager. One of its buttons stuck and he can't get his messages.

Since he's been working full time, I agreed to call the company, Bell Mobility, and complain. Call number one was towards the end of July. They said they'd mail a replacement pager right away.

Ten days later, call number two. They said they were out of that particular model and thought that I'd refused a substitute. I told them they could send an equivalent, and they said it would go out immediately. I asked if they had a lot of trouble with that model and they said no, but the button was placed badly where it was likely to get inadvertently damaged. That's odd - I never told them which button was sticking...

Ten days later, call number three. They said they were out of pagers. ALL pagers. Bell Mobility has NO pagers of any kind in stock whatsoever.

However, they'd send one out on Monday.

Younger Son is royally pissed. He will now take over dealing with them and won't they be sorry! He muttered that he'd have made plans to put them out of business when he's famous, but our beloved Uncle had worked for Bell all his life and wouldn't have liked that.

Younger Son also shaved off his goatee. And told me about it the next day.

I'm so bad - I once forgot to notice that Hubby shaved off a mustache, until my sister-in-law mentioned it one month later. I have never lived that down, but at least now he can't take it personally. I try to tell them that I look beyond the superficial, but they're not buying it.

This will be a kid-intensive couple of weeks - YS has stopped work, and Older Son decided to take a week (at least) off. If I get the computer at all it's with the strains of Mario Golf for Nintendo64 ("great shot! Woo HOOOOOOOOO!") in the background. All the other game systems are in their rooms but they're sharing this one so it has to be in neutral territory. MY territory. Argh.

I Want to be Two-Thirds-of-a-Millionaire! Part II

I read in the paper a day or two ago that a very small percentage of callers have qualified so far in the Canadian Millionaire show phone-in - 0.5%; whereas the percentage in the American call-in is (if I remember correctly) 5%. I just called for the third time. The best I've done is to answer the first two questions correctly.

The questions are supposed to increase in difficulty. This was today's second question, as close to the exact wording as I can remember:

Arrange these fictional characters in the order in which they were presented to the public, starting with the earliest:

  1. Eliza Dolittle
  2. Macbeth
  3. Tinkerbelle
  4. Perry Mason.

Well Macbeth is probably the first; after that, who knows.. and I was around in the 1950's which should give me an advantage, no? I guessed 2 1 3 4 and it was wrong. I don't care to look up the correct answer - too fed up.

Upon further reflection, perhaps Perry Mason came before Tinkerbelle. They only give you ten seconds to answer, so further reflection can't come into it.

Guess I'll have to make my million some other way.

Linque Du Jour:   The Banana Museum

This is not just a web page but a real, actual place. The Banana Museum is in Washington State. A visit to the web site, however, should be enough excitement for most.

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