August 1, 2000

The Latest Developments

I now have photos to go along with some of the recent entries.


It looked brighter than this at the time.

This is the rainbow from the July 17 entry. It looked faded on the photo, and adjusting the lighting only made it worse.


They're back!!

This is the bus bringing Dad & Stepmom home from camp. It was about a half hour late and I was really thrilled to see it for more than the obvious reason; a woman who was also waiting for someone decided to adopt me as her confidante and proceeded to tell me her life story - in a mixture of English, French, and Romanian. That wouldn't have been so bad (I was able to understand most of it) but her perfume was overpowering, even outdoors. I finally pretended to go inside to the bathroom, and the bus arrived about a minute later.


If you bend your head a little to the left, it almost looks normal.

I took this picture standing on a low retaining wall. I have no idea why it's tilted. The person with the full head of white hair who appears to be at the door of the bus, is Daddy.


No roll of film would be complete without lizard pics.

Stavros the Leopard Gecko

The underexposed black object behind the overexposed lizard is the TV remote.


Mountain Climbing

This is a detail cropped from a pic taken by Younger Son. The lizard is spread out like that because he's hanging on for dear life. He's actually vertically oriented, and the blue thing he's crawling on is my shirt - which was on me at the time. The part of me it was covering remains anonymous; my reputation as the world's worst photographer remains intact.


Linque Du Jour:   Bob's latest entry

Entitled "When Journal Entries Go Bad" - the best worst entries you'll ever not read, courtesy of the And If I Die journaller.

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