July 29, 2000

OK so she's not the Demon Spawn, especially if her parents ever find this website.

2:30 PM

I'm in the dining room typing this on the old computer, not online.

The baby is napping downstairs so I can't get to the main computer and I don't want to use the upstairs phone line at this hour, nor have a long cord to the second line trailing through the house. I haven't been online yet today and I'm feeling rather deprived, rootless, and disconnected.

Actually, the behaviour has been ok so far, within normal limits for a child her age. I'm relieved to see her mother being firm with her. My kids chased her around the park all morning and are worn out; however, now they want a baby sibling of their own. As if.

When my kids were little, they were attached to Nephew, who was living in Montreal then, pre-marriage. He played with them and babysat occasionally. Now that he has his own offspring, it's heartening to see the circle come round again; especially since I don't feel any the older for it. I'm just delighted to not have the responsibility of chasing around a toddler anymore.

Most of the women I've asked, say they preferred the baby years to the later ones. I'm just the opposite. I think my aversion to having to be personally responsible for a toddler borders on the phobic. My anxiety level goes way up, even when Hubby and the boys are having a ball with her. Maybe I had a bad experience in a previous life; whatever, I hope it goes away in time for my own grandchildren!

12 Midnight:

Still no significant problems (except in my own mind!)

I still feel the world owes me a couple of hours of lost computer time. It'll have to be tomorrow, as watching others watch the child has exhausted me. Send in the men with the butterfly nets.

There are two more stories up on my aunt's memoir pages (see this entry's Linque for explanation) - Grandmothers and My First Day in School. The rest to follow soon.

Linque Du Jour:   World of Coasters

For roller coaster enthusiasts or those planning their holidays around amusement parks; extensive lists of coasters and their locations, with reviews and ratings. Photos, discussions, and a detailed account of the history of roller coasters. It hasn't been updated since last summer but still informative.

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