July 27, 2000

Awaiting the Demon Spawn

We're getting houseguests this weekend: the niece and nephew from upstate New York, and their daughter.
(Hubby's side of the family.. but since I like them, I claim them as relatives too.)

They last visited in August, when the baby was 19 months old. That would make her about two and a half now. I had begun to entertain some idea that maybe she'd settled down a bit (silly me!) until I spoke with her mother on the phone this evening.

As is to be expected, the child was trying all the usual tricks to distract her mother from the phone call and divert her attention back where it belongs. The mother, to her credit, wasn't giving in. Even two year olds need to know they aren't always the center of the universe. Then Baby tried what I consider an UNusual trick.. pulling down her pants and peeing on the floor. This is one stubborn child!

The mother reprimanded her, and then got off the phone to give her a bath.

I'm really not looking forward to this weekend anymore.

I never was much of a toddler person. I found that stage by far the most difficult and stressful with my own kids, even more so than the dreaded teen years. Constant supervision is not my style; it makes me feel like I'm in one of those chicken coops where the chickens don't even have enough room to turn around. Not that I do very much when I'm on my own, but I can if I want to.

They'll only be here for two nights, and have busy days planned, and I do enjoy their company.. but I suspect they indulge their child too much (based on what I've seen so far, and on the fact that this baby was one they waited for, for many years.) She's extremely bright (you can see it in her eyes) and knows she's the boss.

What is it that makes otherwise well-adjusted young adults reluctant to discipline their children, and establish firm but fair rules? Are they afraid that the child won't like them or are they feeling guilty for any negative reactions they have towards a child who is so wanted and cherished?

I guess I shouldn't go into full rant mode yet, but wait and see what happens. They're due here late Friday evening.

Speaking of chickens...

I feel so much safer now, knowing that my country's border is being guarded by six hundred of Canada's finest sentinel chickens.

So I learned from a newspaper article yesterday. (The article isn't online but I found references, including photos and a video (!) on the Health Canada website.)

These birds are set up in coops of ten each, near the U.S. border, and are being monitored for signs of the West Nile virus, which causes encephalitis.

Apparently this method isn't new - it has been used for years to detect other mosquito-borne viruses. I guess it's a good idea (as long as you're not a chicken) but it just sounds a little weird. The world's longest undefended border.. now manned (fowled?) by poultry. Or as the headline read, "We cluck on guard for thee."

Linques Du Jour

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It's been awhile since I linked to some journals. These are all by women who are currently pregnant. I only recently discovered Julie's, but have been reading the other two for about a year. I'm looking forward to comparing their parallel experiences, reminiscing about my own, and being grateful that it's all far behind me.

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