July 25, 2000

Title? That Would Only Give You a Preconceived Notion about the Topic of this Entry

I am pleased to report that Younger Son's paycheque has been located. Finally.

After the "three business days" they allowed themselves to find it had elapsed, I enlisted the help of a friend at the bank. Many phone calls and much gnashing of teeth later, I'd learned more than I ever expected to know about the ATM routine. For instance:

  • If, in the central office (or wherever they do these things) they find a cheque with no corresponding account entry, they do not contact the local branch.
  • If, in that same office, they find an account entry with no corresponding cheque, they do not contact the local branch.
  • The machine is emptied by a third company, a security firm, which (naturally) had not been informed that a cheque might be lodged in an unusual orifice.
YS was advised last week to request that the errant cheque be stopped and a replacement issued; he did so on Thursday. Today (Tuesday) the cheque was finally found, and the bank had him inquire at work if the cheque had indeed been stopped; if not they would deposit it. Sometimes apathy and inefficiency work in our favour, as the two errors did cancel each other out. I won't totally relax, though, until I see the entry on his statement.

Dad and Stepmom are home from camp, none the worse for wear. Dad now has another year's worth of horror stories to tell.. over and over.. most of which revolve around the dining room. According to Dad, his tablemates are always the scum of the earth, "fingering" all the bread before taking some for themselves, dipping used utensils into communal salad, and always finding new ways to annoy him, year after year.

I need to hear this story a few more times to get it straight, but as he tells it, this year there was a food fight, an old lady throwing a piece of cake at a man who was criticizing her, and he throwing it back at her. Why is bad behaviour so much funnier when the elderly are the perpetrators?

The Moose that Just Won't Die:

Just ONE more little article about the Toronto moose. I'll quote the best part here so you don't even have to click if you don't want to:

Re: the main form of vandalism of Toronto's fiberglass moose exhibit:

George Cohon, volunteer chairman of the Moose in the City exhibition, downplayed the antler-napping problem: "The bull moose at the end of each mating season sheds his antlers," he insists. "I can only guess that Toronto has been a sort of active city."


New Feature: Search Me

Once you put up a website, it doesn't take long for the search engine robots to find you and index every single word you've ever written. (This is not to be confused with getting listed in a directory, such as Yahoo?, which has consistently ignored my pleas.)

The result is sometimes confusing and sometimes hilarious, as my stat referral tells me what keywords people have typed into the search engines that led them to my pages. Many are what you might expect, directly relevant to the subject matter. Others come from some oblique reference or turn of phrase and have me wondering, "Where did I say THAT?!"


Turnabout is fair play, thus, I will now set the bait for attracting a more cultured class of search engine hits:


I'll let you know if I get any nibbles.

Linque Du Jour

I was amused by this article in the online version of Time Magazine:

Al Gore Explained He's a Secret Canadian!
A web-only essay by Lance Morrow

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