July 22, 2000

Back to Normal?

It's that time of year again.. the Van's Warped Tour made its stop in Montreal yesterday. YS and his gang were there.. he bought his ticket months ago. The gates opened at noon so of course he left the house at 8 AM.. and finally returned home at 11 PM, asking "What's for supper?"

He attended last year too, inspiring two entries, one written while he was there and another the next day. I wasn't really any less nervous this year, even though he's a whole year older. He returned home in one piece, nothing (that I know of) broken, and claims not to have body-surfed even though one of his friends did. He also claims to have made some useful contacts in the local band scene. Networking, even at a punk rock concert? Is nothing sacred?

The Warped Tour has a fairly extensive website. There's even a diary section, chronicling one young man's experiences on the tour. The latest entry tells about the guy who shoots himself out of a cannon, accompanied by the music of the "Mighty Mighty Bosstones".

Dad and Stepmom get back from camp tomorrow morning. I'm picking them up at 10 AM and expect to get a free lunch for my troubles. Dad's been phoning me every few days, complaining mostly about the weather - it's been cold and rainy there. He says all he does is eat, rest, and sleep. I pointed out that that's all he EVER does anyway but he said he likes to be able to take the car and go somewhere if he wants to. At camp they're virtual prisoners (as he sees it).

Linque Du Jour:   Coming to Canada

My late aunt's memoir; the first story thereof. She collected some reminiscences into a booklet, and the family printed about twenty copies for ourselves. I'm surprised that no-one thought to put it online before now, but happy to be the one to do it. It's already put me in contact with cousins I haven't spoken to in decades.

The painting on the front page is one of my aunt's. She began experimenting with different art forms in her later years. I like to think of myself as a "late bloomer" as she perhaps was.

There'll be perhaps seven or eight more story pages; I'll link to them when they're posted.

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