July 6, 2000

I'm the Mother, Why Don't I Get a Gift?

Younger Son turned 16 today.

It's not as much of a crisis as I thought it would be. Older Son's birthdays hit me harder, and next year he'll be TWENTY. That'll be a difficult concept to wrap my brain around.

Next year, too, Younger Son will be graduating high school. A twenty-year old and BOTH my kids out of high school? How can that be about to happen???

YS was born at 4:15 in the afternoon. They threw him on my belly and he looked at me. Real eye contact. I was a goner. He also had pointy ears like Mr. Spock for the first few months of his life, and looked like an elf.

All gnashing of teeth aside, I'm glad they're the age they are. I don't want any more babies of my own (no patience!) or even a dog. (A cat would be nice but cats aren't baby-replacements like dogs are.) The kids' advancing age doesn't bother me in the sense that it means I'm getting old.. because I'm not. Longevity runs in my family.. old age doesn't.

Speaking of my family.. I'm bringing in an addition to the journal (as soon as I get around to it!)... my father's oldest sister wrote a small memoir of her life in Montreal as a young girl. A few years ago her granddaughter compiled the stories into a booklet and circulated it within the family. I contacted her (the granddaughter) and she thinks putting the stories on the internet is a great idea. We're scrounging up an old photo (I think Dad has one) and something should be online soon.

Urban Monstrosity Update:

Thanks to an "alert reader" (apologies to Dave Barry) who informed me that the city of Buffalo* is presently overrun with fiberglass bison. It's a fund-raising project they call "Herd in Buffalo". Ew. Checking that out led me to this:
Et tu, "Moo York"???

*Three newspaper articles about the bison from the Buffalo News:     1    2    3

Linque Du Jour:   Peter, Pamela & Percy's Big Swim

We had flight tracking, now we have penguin tracking! Thousands of penguins had to be rescued from their usual habitat, some islands off the coast of South Africa, because of a recent oil spill. Many of these were trucked hundreds of miles and released into the ocean, with the idea that by the time they swam home, the spill would be contained. Little transmitters were placed on three of the birds, and their progress is being monitored on this website.

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