July 2, 2000

One Year

This entry marks the one year anniversary of this journal.

I honestly can hardly believe it.

It still feels like I'm just starting out.

In my first entry I laid out some general goals for the journal:

I have no desire to write a diary, much less put one online. What I'm aiming for is an outlet for thoughts, ideas and opinions that go otherwise unshared.

It's been more of a diary than I thought it would be. I've used it to deal with stress and confusion, with some success. It's also been a forum for my theories, opinions and general view of the world, which was more my intention, and still is.

I'm also looking to push myself to write often, ideally daily, maybe 30 years later than I should have but hey, nobody's perfect..

It's been far from daily but the longest gap between entries (barring vacation) was nine days, twice last fall; much more consistent than I would have predicted of myself.

I also want to look outward, as opposed to using this as a forum for self-psychoanalysis. No navel-gazing or self-mutilation here! (Well, hardly ever..)

Not entirely successful there either.. but that probably wasn't a realistic goal for an "online journal".   I try to keep it from becoming nauseating, though.

As for the "why", I'm still not really clear on that but I'll spare you.. this time.

All I know is, the process has made a difference in my life. I look at events, places, feelings, my reactions, etc. with a more verbal, analytical approach, knowing that eventually I'll want to put them into words, and furthermore, words that friends, acquaintances, and even strangers can relate to. I feel "connected" in the general community of people who write and read these things, and in the smaller community of journallers who have become email-friends.

I don't feel anonymous anymore. My site, as all websites, is available to millions of people. Even though the the overwhelming majority of them will never read it (and may not even speak English!) it's out there, in a way that was never possible to "ordinary people" before.

For me so far, there has been no downside to doing this. I thought about it and really couldn't find one. I haven't had hate mail or stalkers or flame wars; I haven't been hacked. None of those would cause me to stop but I guess they'd be annoying.

I'm still content with the title, too, although now I think of "inertia" more in the sense of a moving object, continuing to move of its own accord, than in the sense of being immobile. It's still a message to me, to try NOT to be complacent, to try to grow and experience new things.

Thanks to the readers who've stuck with me month after month; thanks to newcomers for checking me out. Without readers,   well...   I'd still probably be here, but you wouldn't......

Linque Du Jour:   The CBC: Words, Woe & Wonder

This is a fun site if you like words and writing. It's a collection of articles, essays, interactive games and a feedback section, all about the English language. Stuffy? They try not to be.. articles have titles such as Prepositions to end Sentences with and To Boldly Split Infinitives. There seems to be an emphasis on Canadianisms and word origins, too.

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