June 25, 2000


Younger Son starts his summer job tomorrow. He's working at the same telemarketing (*shudder*) office as Older Son, who has been there about a year. His job started out as a summer job too, but then he stayed on, choosing to take night classes and for him it seems to have worked out - he passed both courses he took this spring.

Montreal has an overabundance of English telemarketing jobs. (English, in that no French is necessary to make phone calls to the 'States, where most of the calls go.) Just about everyone who applies is hired. The challenge is to last more than one week.

Older Son's first job lasted a week.. it was selling ad space in some most likely imaginary directory. Younger Son worked for a week last year too.. failing to sell tremendously overpriced magazine subscriptions to unsuspecting old ladies. The company they're with now sells credit card printer supplies to businesses only. As I understand it, the supplies really exist and are delivered; they are however overpriced. I don't feel bad about that, though.. the saying "buyer beware" works both ways.

The job is in the heart of downtown Montreal. It's about an hour commute (each way) by bus and subway. One of YS's friends and bandmates was hired as well, and by now Older Son has many friends there, some of whom he knew in his previous life in high school. Sooner or later, most of English Montreal seems to walk through those doors.. even OS's best friend's uncle works there part time to supplement his income. I'm a bit envious of the kids, let loose every day downtown for the first time. I hope they take advantage of it (well, maybe not TOO much) and that it makes up for time lost just lazing around or hanging out at the pool.

My babies are growing up.. sniffle..

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