June 18, 2000

Father's Day?

I didn't do a Mother's Day entry so in the interests of equal time, I won't do a Father's Day entry either. Suffice it to say, Happy Father's Day to all the Dads reading (although by the time they read this it likely won't be Father's Day anymore.)

Speaking of Father's Day.. the kids gave Hubby a couple of books that I picked out, a compromise since they usually want to get him yet another computer golf game. He already has Links LS99 (upgraded from 98) with about a zillion add-on courses, and TigerWoods 99. The TigerWoods game alone takes up more space than my entire first hard drive. Hubby loves these games and hasn't begun to get tired of them and I refuse to give up any more precious space! I only have about 1 Gig left and Younger Son is quickly taking care of that, courtesy of Napster.

Where was I.. oh yes Father's Day. We visited Dad as well, bringing two shirts that turned out to be too small. He's beginning to put back some of the sixty pounds he lost this year and I'm only too happy to exchange the shirts. I also let him try out my cell phone and he managed it well enough, and seemed interested. That's next, then. Yesterday even his answering machine wasn't working (see previous entry for mini-rant about this if you feel so inclined) and I'm fed up with worrying about him.

My last entry (the part about my thinking about going back to school) also prompted an email exchange with my friend Stephanie, about my reasons for choosing science over arts and her reasons for choosing the opposite; in the course of which, she remembered an essay she wrote (I think about ten years ago) for a college English course about the practice of interpreting literature. (As she tells it, it was a summer course she took when her children were very young. She hasn't had the opportunity to pursue a degree.. yet.) She found the essay, entitled Do Not Disturb, and sent it to me, and with her permission I'm posting it - just click the title to read it.

Linque Du Jour: Time Daily Column

More reading for you.. I came across this article by accident (as I do most things) and it's one I wish I'd written. Of course that would be impossible, as it's about some TV show called "Survivor" which I haven't managed to watch yet. I must be living on a deserted island or something..

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