June 10, 2000

Reconnecting the Cord

It is with mixed feelings that I make this announcement: Younger Son acquired a pager today.

He wanted one. His friends wanted him to have one. On a practical level it's a good thing for me too, as I can now reach him at any time or at least whine that I paged him and he didn't answer.

On principle though, I object and I refuse to get it for him or even make it a gift, preferring to gift him with money and have him choose how to spend it.

And not three days ago did I proudly stand up at a school committee meeting and proclaim that MY children had no pagers, to be told by the Principal that I was indeed in the minority (with regard to parents) in objecting to their use.

The kids think having a pager means they're important, perhaps even indispensable. I think it means their parents don't trust them to be out in the world without a virtual umbilical cord.

My mother would have been the first one to hang a pager or cell phone on me if they'd been available in the 1960's. She was of the "better safe than sorry" persuasion, which translated means, "I can't tolerate worrying about my child even if it means curtailing the freedom appropriate to her age and personality."

Furthermore, if I DID feel the need to wire my child, I'd do it with a cell phone rather than a pager. Pagers are useless in emergencies. I have issues with cell phones too, as reflected in one of my earliest entries last July.

Older Son has a cell phone which he bought and maintains himself, and I admit I do call him on occasion. I'll page Younger Son as well, but reluctantly. Whatever happened to freedom.. independence.. doing your own thing? Or was that just my generation..

Let's Spy on Hubby Dep't:

If you're reading on June 11, late morning or early afternoon EDT (GMT-5) you might catch Hubby (via this webcam) at the Old Port of Montreal. He's helping out at a fundraiser for the Foundation for Research into Children's Diseases. (His golf buddies are very active in various causes, and often solicit his help. He enjoys it, and it gets him out of the house!) This event is a rubber duckie race. I have no idea if the webcam will cover that area but it's worth a try. Hubby'll be the one flipping hamburgers.

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