June 3, 2000


3:30 PM Saturday

The kids are out. Together. By choice. What's the world coming to..

Younger Son was invited to accompany Older Son and Girlfriend on a Saturday afternoon jaunt to Angrignon Park (which has outdoor activities such as batting cages and go-karts) and the nearby Angrignon Mall. These aren't around the corner from here but are on the other side of Montreal, requiring them to take busses and subways to get there. They don't mind.

I murmered to YS that the Girlfriend would probably be annoyed that he went along.. and he told me she had personally invited him! I don't get it. In her place I would jealously guard any leisure time I had with the object of my obsession, and would barely tolerate mutual friends, never mind pesky smart-ass Younger Brothers! She must have something else on her agenda.

Suspicious? Me?

So after I drove YS to his guitar lesson, picked up groceries for the lizard (50 crickets, yum!), brought crickets home, had Older Son dump them into the cricket tank, dumped Older Son into the car, went back to pick up Younger Son and guitar, I dropped them both off at the subway. They weren't even fighting over radio stations on the way! Where are my REAL kids..

8:45 PM

Well one of them is home.. as planned, YS came home earlier than his brother, who went off to meet other friends. Then the singer in his band dropped in, and they're now in YS's room, creating sounds previously unheard by the human ear; add to that the fifty crickets chirping about fifteen feet to my right. Time to crank up the stereo.

Linque Du Jour:   BIG MOUTH BILLY BASS ....The Singing Sensation

Judging from the response to my last linque, I see you guys like WEIRD. Ok, WEIRD it is.

This is something I actually personally SAW, live, in the flesh so to speak, at (where else!) our local Wal-Mart. It was in the Father's Day Gifts section. For the man who has everything?

It sings. It moves in tune to the sounds it produces. The version I saw alternates between two tunes: Don't Worry, Be Happy, and Take me to the River (drop me in the water.... )

If you click the appropriate link on the webpage you can hear and see this creation in action. It takes awhile to load (it's a quick-time movie) but it's worth it. Definitely.

This thing puts lava lamps to shame.

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