May 22, 2000

Random Brain Firings

12:30 AM

Younger Son's band's web page is progressing nicely (I think). I hope it won't become a perpetual work-in-progress although it's starting to look that way. Maybe his attention span will run out on it soon. It's somewhat of a refresher course for me on the little HTML I managed to learn to set up this site - once I had the coding down, I've just been cutting and pasting text and updating links.

While it's always good to learn something new, I don't want to get carried away with form at the expense of content. This is a pervading theme of my life, by the way. It's probably some vestige of childhood rebellion, but I care very little for fashion and style per se. I like to look clean and neat, and as attractive as possible with a minimum of effort. I'm a jeans-and-tshirt person, my hair is one-length shoulder-length (dyed back to pre-gray colour), I wash it, leave it and de-frizz it before I go out, I don't do my nails, I wear minimal makeup, and my hard drive is neater than my house.

I DO spend time and energy on personal and psychological issues. What's important to me are my family's health and happiness, my emotional health and growth, being good to my friends and being a positive force in whatever community I'm involved in, physical or virtual.

I get frustrated and impatient with people that yammer on endlessly about restaurants, home decorating, their hairdresser and manicurist, and what they're making for dinner. Occasionally I realize that they're probably not comfortable discussing issues that require more thought than these but the boredom is stifling, nonetheless.

Well. That was a nice tangent. Getting back to HTML... when I get involved in making a page look just as I want it to, the "big sucking noise" made famous by Ross Perot appears, in this case consuming hours and hours as if they were seconds. The satisfaction of finally getting it right makes up for that but it's not something I want to do every day.

Tell the child to do it himself? While I probably should, it's just too much fun and having invested so much time in it already, I'd hate to lose CONTROL over the final product.
Am I my own worst enemy? Only when it's not a critical issue.

And speaking of the lizard.. if you look at his head sideways, JUST SO, and try to look into a small opening where his ear should be, YOU CAN SEE RIGHT THROUGH HIS HEAD!

Well it seems like you can see right through. Light filters through for sure but he won't stay still long enough for us to tell if we can see details out the other side.

I don't know if this is normal for geckos but if it is, it shouldn't be.

Otherwise he appears healthy, and is growing big and fat. His belly drags on the ground when he walks.

Daddy is doing well and has gained back ten pounds since he came home at the end of April. I intend to enjoy being both his "baby" and his surrogate parent for as long as possible.

May 22 (which is actually yesterday by now) would have been my favourite uncle's 79's birthday. Happy Birthday Uncle Natie!

Linque Du Jour:   And if I Die Before I Wake

-- Part of the "Guy Journal" Series

This journal is the gift of a father to his children. The children are little, two and four years old, but this father is thinking ahead to a time when they may need the journal to better understand who he is and how much they are cherished.

The journal is generally fairly serious but do check out the May 9 entry, "Sour Grapes". This author can do FUNNY with the best of them.

It's refreshing to see a parent put this much thought and effort into his childrens' future emotional well-being; it also feels like a privilege to be allowed to look in on this family's life. I think they're in very good hands.

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