May 18, 2000

Guest Entry!

Well we were working on his page and I showed him this site and after he got over the initial horror of it, he read the previous entry.. then he asked if he could write one! A guest entry, yay, my first! It also gives me more time to work on his site, sigh.. I pity anyone who ever works for him!

So, with no idea what he intended to write about, I ran upstairs before he could change his mind; and here it is:

(I have not changed one word or punctuation mark!)

Hi. I'm YS as I am known on this page. Mom is up cleaning the kitchen and told me she'd love me to write. So I am. Mom and I have a great relationship as mother and son relationships go, but I guess that's a little weird...

In my moment of glory as the spokesman for teens, allow me to give you parents some pointers on how to be able to reach out to your kids without them thinking you're weird.

1- Whatever you think is cool, is not. Especially not to your kid. If you want to have a conversation, think of something you really hate and say you love it. It'll probably turn out that your kid likes it.

2- For some teens, even the FACT that a parent aka old person says they like something may be enough to make them hate it.

3- In case you didn't understand #1, if you try to impress your teen by trying to act cool, it'll embarass him MUCH more than you'd expect!

4- If you're bothering your kid during 'kid hours' (noon to midnight) make sure you bring food.

5- Decent food!

6- Your jokes probably aren't funny so don't tell them.

7- Never try to dress like your kid, he'll say you look stupid and never wear his clothes that look like that again.

8- Pick up on slang or else you won't understand him. Those little grunts actually have meanings!

9- If the music is on, never turn it off.

10- Don't start cleaning their room while you're trying to talk to him!

Ok that's it for now. I hope I've helped, and as much as it might seem like one, what I wrote isn't a joke!

Have a good day, and if there's popular demand, I might return one day to write again.


I am really proud of that kid. With him and his brother, every day is like Mother's Day for me now.

I'll forward any and all comments of course.

Linque Du Jour:   Six Shooter

It's still very much "under construction" but he gave me permission to link it.

The band name (Six Shooter) - his. He found the one concept I'd completely object to.

The logo in the background - his. He designed it.

The colour scheme - most definitely his!

The layout, tables, html coding - mine. No frames yet (maybe he'll forget about them?)

Transforming the logo into a button-thingy - mine.

The lyrics.. NOT mine, NOT his, written by the singer. Issues galore, but teens might relate.

I'm supposed to be adding a photo page, a links page (to their friends' bands) a link to real audio, and an option to stream instead of download the songs. It's probably not all done yet.

Update August 2000: The band name and the logo have been changed, as has the colour scheme. I should charge for this..

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