May 16, 2000

What's Wrong with this Picture? II

Younger Son and his band have been trying to set up a web page for some time now.

I don't know why they're having difficulty.. teenagers learn this sort of thing as easily as breathing! It's not a matter of intelligence, because

  1. Gorillas have web pages;
  2. YS is a top student in everything including math and science.

They started with a geocities site which has since been taken down. YS managed to find the world's worst background (provided of course by geocities) and for awhile the site was totally unreadable. Then "some girl" on ICQ took pity on him and provided him with a comparatively much better background, mostly navy blue but with a lightning bolt. Just one, blessedly.

They never did figure out how to upload song samples or link to them.

Now YS decided to start over and kept calling me downstairs for technical assistance. This made me grouchy, as I HATE to go downstairs unless computer time is involved, or I can at least get to see the gecko eat.

ME: "Why don't you just learn html?!?"

YS: "Too lazy."

ME: "It's not hard, I did it."

YS: "Too lazy."

ME: "There are some great tutorials, it's fun!"

YS: "Too lazy."

I finally said in frustration, "Do you want me to just DO it for you?" (regretting the words as I heard them come out of my mouth) and of course he jumped at the offer.

Then he started telling me what he wanted.

ME: "I don't know how to do anything fancy."

YS: "How about links on the side in a bar-thingy?"

ME: "FRAMES?????????????? You want FRAMESSSS???????????"

YS: "Oh well if it's too hard.."

ME: "Nono, I"ll learn. It's good for me to learn."

So now I'm webmistress to a punk band. I keep telling the child that it's WRONG for me to know more about this stuff than he does. The middle-aged mother (worse even than if it were the father!) designing the web page for a teenage punk-rock band. There's something distinctly unnatural about that.

Of course I'm having a blast.. but it is a drag having to ask someone else what they want and getting approval for everything I do. He is spending LOTS of time thanking me (which is also unnatural) lest I get fed up and quit.

There's nothing to see yet, but I'll link to it when there is.

Oh and in repayment? I made Younger Son promise to introduce me to Paul McCartney when he (YS) becomes famous.

Dad Update:

Dad had a follow-up appointment with the surgeon (Dr. Whirlwind) yesterday. He (Dr. W.) is very pleased with Dad's progress. I was pleased that Dad was obviously stronger than before his hospitalization began in March. He was able to walk through the corridors to the office without much difficulty and can now get in and out of cars on his own. He's begun to drive his car too, only in the immediate area but it's a major accomplishment for him, and a major victory on his way back to independence. ( I don't really LIKE it, but it'll have to join the long list of things I don't like but have to put up with for the psychological health of my loved ones.)

Dr. W. spoke to me too, and made an appointment for me to have a colonoscopy in September. The idea is to look for polyps and remove them before they have a chance to become cancerous. A small price to pay (discomfort-wise) for a little peace of mind.

It just so happened that there was an article in our paper on Sunday about the costs and benefits of screening the general public for colon cancer. That issue needn't concern me any more, as I now seem to be on the fast-track for screening. The article presents quite a dilemma... lives are "sacrificed" by not screening in countries such as New Zealand, but the rationale is that screening would result in longer waiting lists for everyone.. and of course, higher costs.

Today Dad and Stepmom went out on their own in the morning, and in the afternoon I took them shopping a little farther afield from home. Stepmom kept thanking me but the response "it was my pleasure" was never so true as now. Just seeing Daddy leading a life again is more than I'd dared hope for and more satisfying than anything I've experienced probably since the birth of my kids.

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