May 11, 2000

Someday my Prints Will Come..

I am the world's worst photographer.

Not only do I do normal things like cut heads off of people and take blurred pictures even with an auto-focus camera, I also have a thing about loading film.

Back in my pillar-of-the-community days when I was chairman of a steering committe for a local library branch, I took it upon myself, for publicity purposes, to photograph a children's event that we sponsored. It was a huge success and pictures would have been nice.. if I'd remembered to put film in the camera. (How embarrassing. Yes.)

So I stopped using that camera, a good Canon that was obviously beyond my comprehension. As penance I bought the cheapest instant 110 camera I could find, and things went well for awhile until it became more and more difficult to find 110 film. At about the same time something went wrong and the film kept jamming so I decided to retire that one, and bought what I thought was an idiot-proof 35 mm simple little thing.

Wrong. It wasn't Pauline-proof.

The first roll or two were ok although a bit blurry (only the ones taken by me, so it wasn't the camera.)

Then I loaded the film for our most recent Florida trip.

I was captivated by the beauty of the freshly-fallen snow on the pine trees along the highway and tried to photograph them. Only when I tried to advance the film I felt a strange "pop" and found my fingers on the rewind lever instead.

Dilemma: do I open the back to see if the film disengaged, thereby ruining the entire roll or.. do I attempt to take out the roll and hope for the best?

I did the latter but unfortunately the film came back, in the quaint French vernacular, "vierge" (virgin).
(That word should get me some pervy search-engine hits!)

And now that the offspring have acquired their pet gecko, here I am with the camera again, taking what Younger Son calls "baby pictures". I know the flash won't sit well with the glass aquarium walls etc etc but you'd think I'd get at least ONE decent shot out of half a roll?

Well. Here are the decent-est, doctored for lighting and focus as much as I could:


Stavros the Leopard Gecko

This is probably from late March, a week or two after we got him, so he'd be five or six weeks old.

'Fat Stavros' a few weeks later

This is from a few days ago, early May. The whitish thing near his head is actually a cricket in his mouth.

White crickets? Not really.. these crickets have to be coated with calcium powder (or occasionally vitamins) so the kids "shake & bake" them. Well, without the "bake" part.

Daddy's hommmmmmme!
And from the same roll.. Daddy and Stepmom shortly after his return home - a momentous event worthy of photography. Daddy's the one sitting down. I don't want to put their faces online without their permission and that would involve more explanation than I care to undertake.

Linque Du Jour:

It's been awhile since I linqued to another journal, mostly because I hadn't been reading nearly as many as I'd like. I'm especially on the lookout for good "guy" journals, especially especially new ones (Al and Rob don't need little ol' me linking to them) but first I want to draw your attention to two young womens' journals that I recently discovered. The American education system can't be all bad, to have produced young writers like these. I don't even want to THINK about what I was doing and thinking at their age.

I admit I haven't yet delved too far into Mary's journal (Conversations Among the Ruins) but her most recent entry (May 6, 2000) is a must-read. How else would I ever know what it feels like to be in a mosh pit?

Elaine's journal (And so they Dance) is very new and very wonderful. I'm a sucker for well-written well-thought-out stuff. And while it's nice to read journals of people in one's own demographic group, it's also a good idea (and at times a real eye-opener) to learn what other generations are experiencing and feeling.

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