April 29, 2000


Friday April 28, 10 PM:

Daddy's home, safe and sound.

Hubby and I picked him up this morning, in time to watch him kiss not one, but two of his nurses goodbye. Ol' Dad's still got it..

Stepmom was waiting for him in the lobby of the apartment building, and ran out without a jacket to greet him as we pulled up to the door. (It must have been about 45 degrees F, or 6 or 7 C. Not freezing, but definitely jacket weather.)

He's settling in, always wanting to do more than he has the energy for, still a bit cranky, but finally home.

And yes, I feel a bit better today.. last night I only dreamed that I had had my hair cut very short, (it's shoulder-length) and really hated it. Not as traumatic as previous dreams.

Saturday April 29, 10 PM:

My life is starting to find its way back.. both the parts I like and the parts I don't. For the first time in weeks I took Younger Son to his guitar lesson (like) and did some grocery shopping (not). Yesterday Hubby and I did some personal errands (unrelated to Dad!) and even spent some time in a bookstore. I began cooking again too (a definite not-like) and attended a school committee meeting last week (ambivalent). I didn't bowl with my league on Wednesday but I did show up for awhile, and should be able to finish out the season. I'm still visiting Dad and Stepmom daily and shopping for them but even that is bound to wind down soon.

Daddy has been griping about how his household has been run in his absence.. certain objects are not where they belong! I told him he's a control freak, and he agreed.. he's proud of having been in control all his life. What I didn't say because I didn't think of it until later was that I too had to relinquish some control during his hospitalization. Hubby was doing all the shopping and cooking and almost all the child-herding. I don't care that much about the kitchen but I'm used to being *in control* of knowing where the kids are, what they're doing and with whom. The virtual umbilical cord called a cell phone was there but my comfort level was still quite low. Luckily they're old enough and mature enough not to take advantage of the decrease in supervision.. or at least, they haven't been found out yet.

Gecko Progress Report:

The lizard (whose name is Stavros) has become downright FAT. It generally stays in the lego house that Younger Son built for it but comes out to the main part of the aquarium to catch crickets. It will grudgingly crawl around on Younger Son's hand - he's trying to get it used to human contact. I've taken some photos but haven't finished the roll yet.. will post them as soon as they're developed.

Linque Du Jour: Useless Facts

Self-described as Useless Facts, Funny Actual Facts, True facts, Useless Information, Brain Teasers, Humor Archives, Mail

The humor is standard email fare.. I prefer the useless facts themselves, which are divided into several categories: animals, people, geography, etc. Some examples:

* Penguins can jump as high as 6 feet in the air.

* Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour.

* The national flower of Greenland is the Willow herb.

* Two-thirds of the world's eggplant is grown in New Jersey.

It's this type of thing that the web does best!

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