April 20, 2000

Day 50

Several topics to cover this evening:

First of all, I must report a shift in attitude towards social workers. I don't think they're ALL evil anymore.
This is because I have met Judith.

Judith is the social worker assigned to Dad's case at the rehabilitation hospital. I actually came knocking on her door first, as I needed a referral to arrange some transportation for Stepmom. At that time she didn't know whether she would be assigned the case but it turns out she was, and came back later that week to meet us.

She invited me to her office where I spent a half hour just rambling. Free psychotherapy, it was. All that stuff was just waiting to fall out and there it did, all over her carpet. She mostly sat there and nodded and finally when I asked her why she just let me talk she said I was giving her the answers she needed to assess the situation. Dad just loves her too.. she's very warm and caring.

Stepsis has had better luck as well, with Sandra, the social worker in the public health clinic for Dad's local area. For reasons unknown (they said they had "internal problems") Sandra inherited Stepmom's case from the people with whom I had the less than satisfactory experience. I haven't met her yet but she seems accessible and willing to listen.

So, I extend my apologies to the entire profession but I still think the original ones we had were awful!

Dad had an excursion out of the hospital yesterday, to a doctor's appointment. The hospital arranged for a mini-bus-ambulance to transport him and I went along too. He managed without a wheelchair, and only a cane.

It was difficult but we did it, and even went out for breakfast next door afterwards. Dad had the cholesterol special.. eggs, sausages, baked beans, the works.. and nary a complaint of heartburn.

He was exhausted afterwards of course.. and so was I. I don't think I've slept this much since B.I. (Before Internet) days.

Furthermore.. tomorrow I'm taking him home for a two-day trial. There are no physiotherapy or other support services on the weekend (especially a holiday weekend) and Dad doesn't need much nursing care anymore so he's sprung until Sunday afternoon. I don't think I've been so happy about any homecoming since I took my babies home after their births!

The expectation is, if all goes well, Dad will be completely discharged by the end of next week. Not yet good as new but much much better than before, and with a firmer concept of how much he is loved.

The lizard is settling in nicely and has been seen pouncing on and consuming crickets with wild abandon. I can't believe I resisted getting that cute li'l thing.

Linque Du Jour: Passover

I usually do holiday entries, but I think I'll leave this one for next year. Passover began yesterday evening and extends for eight days. It's generally known as the holiday where we eat matzoh instead of bread but there's much more involved and people tend to get hung up on the food rather than the history and meaning of the holiday (my opinion, as usual). I'm too distracted to really cover it now but I found these entries among my favourite journals:

Nancy has a lovely photo of a seder plate;

Tamar's unconventional celebration;

This is from 1999 but nobody can do it better than Gail.

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