April 17, 2000


I'm not alone with my computer anymore.
There are approximately 51 other creatures just across the room, not counting any uninvited spiders, ants, earwigs, and dustmites.

Yep, we're now the proud keepers of a leopard gecko and 50 crickets for his dining pleasure. The crickets aren't chirping but they are busily downing their cricket food (we have a whole food chain going here) and lining up to drink like the Budweiser ants or whatever (Hubby said they look like the commercial.. I haven't seen it.) Hubby is distinctly more fascinated by the insects than the lizard itself, which is still a baby (one month old) and not really doing very much. I think he's really cute, though and plan to take and post photos.. when I get around to it.

Oh and the darn thing is nocturnal (like me) and lies around and sleeps during the day (like me when I can) so I'll probably end up seeing the most action from it.

We have him in a 15 gallon aquarium which Hubby and I bought for tropical fish shortly after we were married. I enjoyed the fish.. they each had their own personalities and different ways of swimming around and frolicking through the bubbles produced by the air pump. The female swordtails were constantly pregnant and once I managed to save some of the babies (the parents try to eat them) and isolated them in a small cage in the tank where the bigger fish couldn't get them. We bought special baby food which we had to feed very often, and grew up our own fish. Eventually they died off and by then we had real babies to play with.

That tank has since housed several generations of turtles and one small Florida-type lizard named "Iggy". We've also re-used the big stones and fish toys. Younger Son found some old legos and built a house for the new lizard, and he also uses something that looks like an old flower pot to hide and sleep in. I haven't seen him devour a cricket yet but I did see him take a drink from the inverted jar lid that's his water bowl. He lapped it up like a cat, with his tiny tongue!

Can a lizard be cute? If it's YOUR lizard...

No I haven't forgotten about Dad. He's just blossomed since he arrived at the rehabilitation hospital four days ago. He can get himself into and out of bed more easily and can even get out of chairs now! He walks to the bathroom on his own and the staff takes him for longer walks around the corridors several times a day. He's started physiotherapy too. He spends the day dressed in his own clothes and seems much more alert. When I think about all he went through I'm amazed and delighted at his progress.

Not that I'd recommend the experience to anyone, but his illness has had the effect of drawing us much closer together. My kids are getting to know him better too, and are visiting him on their own initiative. That really freaks me out, because at their age I had to be dragged to visit my aging grandparents. It's not really fair that my children are better behaved and more mature than I was! Doesn't that go against the laws of nature, or something?

Linque Du Jour: Flight Tracker

Now THIS is a fun thing. You can track a specific airplane in flight! I think it's only for the United States, though. There's the option of tracking a random flight or you can track specific flights by airline and flight number, or by arrival and departure times and cities. If you click on the graphic view, you get an airplane icon actually moving over the terrain map. It gives you speed, heading and altitude, too. I could play with this for hours..

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