April 11, 2000

Of Lizards and Men (not in that order)

Still more progress.. I'm able to help Dad to a standing position all by myself as of yesterday! One step closer to having him back home.

Now that he's coming back to himself, Dad wants to get home most of all. Whether he's in the hospital or any of the mythical convalescent homes (none of which has found room for him yet) doesn't make a difference.. he's still NOT in his own apartment. He's taken to worrying more about Stepmom and her memory problems and wants to regain (his concept of) control.

I can relate, being a control freak myself.

The more he worries about her, the more she tries to assert her independence. She says when we try to shelter her it makes her feel like "nothing". I wish there was a way to make her understand that her illness doesn't diminish her value as a person. I have told her this many times but of course she forgets it.

This type of dilemma is repeating itself more and more frequently as people live longer and the baby boomers age. I can only hope that if it happens to me, I won't give my family any more heartache than necessary, and will accept graciously the help that they deem I need.

Dad tells me that he discussed going home with his physical therapist and she said he's not ready until he can get up from the chair on his own. The doctor is thinking now in terms of Friday.

Not that I want things to get back to "normal" entirely. For many years I've wanted to spend more time with Dad and I've enjoyed seeing him every day. Parts of my life are being neglected now but some of these (school committees, bowling, housework!) would always be lower priority than family.

I do need to focus on my kids a bit more, not that they've been misbehaving (in fact, the opposite) but they deserve more attention than I've given them. Older Son came home from work early today with a stomach virus and he needs his Mommy, even at almost 19 years of age. Younger Son has become obsessed with getting a pet lizard (or two) and is roaming local pet stores and cyberspace researching different species and the care and expense involved.

Lizards.. yum.

feed me!

This is a leopard gecko. Isn't it cute?

Linque Du Jour: Captive Bred

One of the many new links on the son's bookmark section. "Captive bred" is opposed to captured from the wild. This is good because it reduces the likelihood of lizard diseases and parasites. Nothing like spending more on trips to the reptile vet to de-worm a lizard, than you spent on the darn thing in the first place!

And this is also where I swiped the above lizard photo from.

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